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"I benefited throughout my life from a school where the intellectual stimulus was enormous and there was full appreciation for non-academic pursuits."

Lord Brittan

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Maths department Staff profiles

Mr. Jon Barnes

Joined the School in 2000 from Hong Kong where he had been running a small tutorial agency. Graduated from the University of Warwick in 1988, and is currently Master in charge of Chess.

Mrs. Anne Baron

Joined Habs in 1999 on a part-time basis. Graduated in Mathematics from Exeter University, where she also completed her PGCE. Taught at James Allen's Girls School, Dulwich, before leaving to start a family. Lists her activities outside Habs as Taxi driving for an extensive family and sugarcraft. School charities co-ordinator.

Dr. Peter Barry

Joined Habs in 1982 having spent seven years studying Maths at Imperial College, London and three years working as a Systems Engineer in the Defence Industry. Reason for joining Habs was two fold, to be able to maintain and foster his passion for both Maths and Sport with able and gifted boys. Outside school, he is a Middle Distance Coach at Harrow AC, coaching athletes over the range of 400m to 3000m and steeplechase. Still trains everday himself and is a keen Everton supporter.

Mrs. Josée Beeson

Joined Habs in 1996 and teaches part-time in the Maths department. Graduate in Mathematics from University of Manchester, with PGCE at Bristol University. Outside interests include cooking - Mrs.Beeson has run General studies courses in this area for students.

Mrs. Maya Brock

Joined the school in September 2011. Graduated with a First Class Degree with distinction in Mathematics and Computing Sciences at The Open University, and studied Mathematics at University of Komensky in Bratislava and GTP at the Institute of Education in London. Outside interests include trekking, swimming and cooking. Mrs Brock has joined the Charity Matters Committee at Habs.

Mr. Stephen Charlwood

Joined the School in 1989. Graduated from University College London (1981). PGCE from University of Cambridge (1982). Previously taught at Hemel Hempstead School and Malvern College. Master in charge of Cricket since 1994 and in charge of 3rd XI Football since 1990. Other interests include most ball sports, travel, photography, fine wine and Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Mr. Julian Hails

Joined Habs in January 2006 having previously taught at Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden. Graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Mathematical Studies from the University of Surrey. Formerly a professional footballer for 10 years making over 250 league appearances for Fulham and Southend United. Interests include football, cricket, skiing, golf and tennis. Master in charge of Tennis since 2009. Has also enjoyed coaching various football and cricket teams since joining the school.

Mr. Nick Hamshaw

Joined Habs in September 2010 as Head of Mathematics. Graduated from the University of Oxford with an MMath degree in Mathematics in 1998 and a PGCE in 1999. Keen interests in late 19th and early 20th century music and travel keep him occupied away from School. Previous Schools were Aylesbury Grammar, Radley College (as both Mathematics teacher and Assistant Housemaster) and Oundle School (as Head of Mathematics).

Mr. Stuart Haring

Joined in 2007 after leaving the school as a student in 2001. Graduated in Mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 2005 and took his P.G.C.E. at the University of London in 2007. He is a keen sportsman and is responsible for the under 14 A cricket team and the under 14 C rugby team. As a keen bridge player, he represented England at junior level and now runs the school Bridge Club.

Dr. Ian Jacques

Joined the school in 1995 and was Head of Mathematics from 2000 to 2010. He studied mathematics at Oriel College, Oxford (1979) and was a postgraduate student at Linacre College (Oxford) until 1982. His doctoral thesis was on the numerical solution of partial differential equations. He is the author of several books including the undergraduate textbook, "Mathematics for Economics and Business" .

Mr. Nikola Jovanovic

Joined the School in 2012 having previously worked as Water Polo Operations Manager for London 2012, organising the water polo tournament for the London Olympic Games. Has MSc Degree in Engineering from the University of Nis, Serbia. He is coaching water polo in school and various regional teams. He is also part of the PE department and enjoys teaching other sports in school. Other interests include skiing, most ball sports, gym and travel.

Mr. Geoff Kissane

Joined the school in 2008, having arrived in the UK in mid-2007. Studied at the University of Western Australia where he gained a B.Sc. in mathematics, and a Dip.Ed. majoring in mathematical teaching methods. Has taught for more than 30 years in a number of schools in Western Australia. Mr Kissane is the co-ordinator of the School & Community Service programme.

Mr Kissane is interested in most sports and is a devoted fan of the Western Bulldogs (Aussie rules). He is very proud of his tie collection.

Mr. Andy Lee

Joined Habs in September 2011. Graduated from the University of Birmingham (2002), PGCE from the Institute of Education. Worked in the City for 6 years in asset management with several large financial institutions. A keen sportsman who played tennis to county and regional level as a junior. Other interests include football, boxing, skiing and travel.

Mr. Robert Oldfield

Joined the school as Assistant Head of Mathematics in September 2008 from Dame Alice Owen's School. He has previously taught at International Schools in Thailand and Brazil. Despite this he is a Wrexham supporter. School Timetabler.

Mrs. Diana Robertson

Joined the School in 1994. Graduated from Aberdeen University. PGCE from Aberdeen College of Education. Formerly taught at George Watson's College, Edinburgh and Craigholme School, Glasgow before heading South. Open Day coordinator since 2000, and is currently the School Registrar. Main mathematical area of interest: Statistics. Keen Tennis player.

Mrs. Anila Thakar

Joined the school in 1993 in a part-time capacity. Graduated in Mathematics from Manchester University, PGCE from Goldsmiths' College, University of London. In 2005, became the Assistant Exams' Officer and joined the careers team in charge of Maths and Computing.

Mr. Andy Ward

Joined Habs in April 1988. Graduated in Mathematics from the University of St.Andrews (1987). School Webmaster. Coach of Habs 1st XI Football since 1990 and Master in charge of Football since 1997. Leicester City supporter. Master in charge of Golf. Current handicap = 4. Coached 3rd XI Rugby (1991-2002). Organiser of Football and Golf Tours, Senior School Ski Trips and the annual Haberdashers' Aske's Golf Day in August / September.

Mrs. Rachel Wright

Joined Habs in September 2006. Housemaster of Calverts since 2012. Graduated from Pembroke College, Oxford with a mathematics degree in 1987. Worked in the City for 12 years as a derivatives trader with several large international banking institutions. Gained a PGCE with the Open University prior to joining Habs. Other interests include helping at Radlett Cricket club to run several age group cricket teams. Keen supporter of Worcestershire Cricket Club. Also plays tennis and squash.

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