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Peter Rabbit Nutritional Afternoon

Year 1 and Year 2 had so much fun on their nutritional afternoon. Peter Rabbit guided the pupils through a selection of new flavours as they tried new foods and delicious smoothies. They learnt about the importance of eating a healthy diet and how to include as many different fruits and vegetables in their diet as they can. 


Black History Month - October 2021

Black History Month at Habs is about celebration, education and taking to heart the message, ‘Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger’. Across the school, there was a range of activity delivered by pupils, staff, and external speakers. We have learnt about the influence of black academics, black heroism and activism, mercurial sportspeople like footballer Lawrie Cunningham, political and historical debate around race and racism and the importance of identity in our community. We thank the pupils of the African Caribbean Society for their excellent joint assemblies on black culture, history, and their experiences as young people.

We are very keen to have guest speakers in school. Mrs Victoria Gordon, a museum education specialist, spoke to all the pupils in Years 7 to 9 about ‘London, Sugar and Slavery’. Mrs Gordon provided an objective and thoroughly engaging presentation. The physical feeling of touching cones of sugar, tobacco leaves, coffee beans, tea, sugar cane and cotton, brought home what the trade in lives for goods really meant. Mrs Gordon’s recent work at Kenwood House informed us about the family of abolitionist, Lord Mansfield, and the famous portrait of Dido Belle. We were delighted that this presentation could be given to the Girls’ School Year 7 and a joint audience of students across both schools in Year 6.







Our speaker on Diversity and Inclusion was Mr Floyd Steadman who addressed the whole school on his own story and gave advice on approaches to dealing with racism. His talk is a fascinating life history of growing up in care and succeeding as a teacher and headmaster and elite sportsperson. Floyd gave us powerful anecdotes from what he experienced in his illustrious rugby career as captain of Saracens in the amateur era. The message is clear: we must begin more conversations about attitudes and be brave and dignified about moving forward as actively anti-racist not simply non-racist or silent. We thank Floyd for his powerful presence in the school, moving between classes, speaking with numerous individuals, pupils of the African Caribbean Society and addressing the Joint Senior Leadership Teams.

We ended the half term with a non-uniform day, wearing red in support of the school charities and Show Racism the Red Card, educating about anti-racism through football. It was appropriate that we welcomed the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead from Watford FC, Karen Stephanou, to talk about the Premiership club’s approach to tackling racism in the game. Karen gave a great talk referencing ex-striker, Troy Deeney, the women’s team shirt numbers and the club’s reporting app.

It has been a very busy programme with great reach across the schools and we must not think that this work goes on only in October, but all year.

UK Chess Challenge success for Savin and Alex

Congratulations to Savin (10H2) and Alex (11M1) who both participated in the finals of the UK Chess Challenge, the UK's national junior chess championships, and came 5th in their respective age groups!

Each age section had 12 participants who had managed to qualify through the multiple rounds of events out of the several thousands who entered.

Well done, Savin and Alex!


Year 9 Art Graphics trip

On Monday 4 October, Year Nine graphic art students went on a trip to East London. We split into two groups, each with excellent tour guides who took us on a walk around the neighbourhood to see street art, including work from notable artists, such as Banksy and Invader.

We learned about the story of the artists and also the story behind the pieces of art. Among other notable artworks, we saw the largest piece of street art in London, which stretches around a building between King John Court and New Inn Yard, and is made of many different images and styles from over a dozen artists’ collaboration. Another interesting piece was a portrait on Whitby Street of a woman made out of small dots of colour to make patterns, similar to pixels.

After walking the streets of London, we made some art of our own. We went to an indoor spray-painting workshop where we designed our own stencils by drawing our design on paper and cutting out the shapes.

Once we all finished, we were taught how to spray properly using stencils. We then had a chance to apply our knowledge and spray on the wall. The students produced many amazing pieces of art, including a bird, a silhouette of a cricket player in action and a fish. We also used the same stencils to create an A4 piece of work which we took home.

Report written by Meko (9H2)


Senior Inter House Drama

This year's Senior Inter House Drama Competition took on a new shape, with students bringing together duologues and scenes from some of the countries most celebrated writers, into one piece of theatre. A night of brave and exciting performances brought stories exploring grief, transitioning, and the power of male friendship to the fore.

The level of commitment, risk, and creative agency invested by students allowed the quality of work to far transcend the limited rehearsal time they were given and generate an evening which touched both head and heart in equal measure.

This year also saw the exciting addition of a house band, a collaboration with fiercely talented music students led by the wonderful Matthew Herd who through improvisation, live scored the performance.

In a tight competition Meadows took home Best Production for their work on Duncan Macmillan’s 'Every Brilliant Thing', with Strout’s Isaac Halpern and Calvert’s Aryan Janjale winning the Best Actor awards. It was a great evening celebrating the playfulness, creativity, and talent of our students.

Thank you to everyone who supported.

See more photos on our Facebook page









Habs to host languages taster day for new teachers

Mrs Carrick (Assistant Director of Teaching) and Mr Thompson (Head of Languages) are very much looking forward to delivering a taster day for prospective trainees to the MFL Scitt North London hub here at Habs in preparation for the opening of 'dfe apply' this month. 

Apply for teacher training - GOV.UK (   

The first taster day will be held from 9.30am to 12.45pm on Tuesday 16 November in Aldenham House. The taster day is being advertised by the Scitt via Eventbrite and we hope to have a number of passionate language teachers visit the school. As part of the day, they will have the opportunity to observe lessons in the Languages department.

Click here to secure your place now

2nd place in F1 in Schools UK National Finals

On Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October; Team Marl1n took part in the (Remote) F1 in Schools UK National Finals. They raced their model F1 car and met with the presenters via Zoom answering questions about their team and the special aerodynamic features of the car. Using the excellent reaction times submitted by Rian and Kai, the car performed well and beat its opponent in two of the four races. 

Watch their race and interview.

In the awards ceremony on Friday Team Marl1n were announced 2nd Place in the F1 in Schools UK National Finals. Hundreds of schools have taken part this year in order to get to the finals, so this is an outstanding achievement. 

Watch their reaction to their 2nd place finish.

Marl1n were also awarded the prestigious Research and Development Award by Alpine F1 based in Oxfordshire. As part of the award, they will receive a one-day VIP tour of the Alpine F1 centre in Oxfordshire, as well as a bespoke trophy made by the Alpine F1 Team.

Watch the announcement of the award.

Well done, Team Marl1n! We are very proud of your hard work, immense dedication and excellent team work.









Habs welcomes Simon Lewis (OH 1999)

On the evening of Monday 11 October, 110 students from both Habs schools joined a Zoom call to hear Simon Lewis (OH 1999) give a talk about applying to study at an American university.

We are delighted to work with Simon Lewis who is a Director of UES, an organisation that supports applicants from the UK who wish to apply to study in America.

The wide ranging talk included an overview of the different universities across America and the way that the application differs from the UK. American universities look for intellectual curiosity, community mindedness, demonstrated interest and emotional intelligence in applicants. Most critical is fit: will your skills and abilities suit that particular university?

We look forward to continuing our partnership with UES and supporting current Haberdashers in their applications to America.


60 Years of School Captains at Elstree: A Celebration

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Habs Boys move from Hampstead to Elstree, on Sunday 10 October 2021, the Habs Foundation was delighted to host a celebratory lunch for the School Captains who had been in office during this time in Aldenham House.

With a perfect sunny afternoon as our backdrop, the School Captains thoroughly enjoyed being back at Elstree over a scrumptious lunch, rekindling old friendships and reconnecting with a number of their former teachers and Headmasters.

Stories were shared, long remembered memories explored and enthusiastically received tours of the School campus enjoyed, the occasion proved perfect to celebrate this historic event.  










60th Anniversary of Elstree move


Monday 11 October 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the school's move from Hampstead to Elstree.

The photograph below is of the opening ceremony held on Wednesday 11 October 1961 in the Bourne Hall, with 400 special guests on the stage. There were also over 2,000 parents and Old Haberdashers sitting in a vast marquee beside the front drive, who were watching this opening ceremony on televisions. After the ceremony and speeches, the 400 guests took tours of the campus to see the new buildings.


This is a description of the ceremony of the ceremony, written in Skylark:


Below is a photograph of pupils from 1961 at the tuck shop.


Press play to watch a film of the opening ceremony:


Performance Poet Harry Baker visits Habs

A year later than expected Habs was delighted to welcome performance poet Harry Baker on National Poetry Day, 7 October 2021. Harry was the youngest winner of the World Poetry Slam in 2012, and has been a full time poet since graduating from Bristol University in 2015.

During the morning Harry worked with Years 7 to 10 encouraging them to express themselves through writing and performing their own poetry. Then, during lunch time, he entertained a large group of students and staff in the library with a dynamic performance talking about his love of words.

He performed several of his original works with much audience participation. From the hilarious ‘59’ to the deeply moving ‘Maybe …’ he kept his audience glued to his every word. It was an amazing visit and one we hope to repeat very soon.


Field Day trip to Willen Lake

Following report written by  Dylan (11S1).

The journey to Willen Lake for our Royal Navy Field Day was not without incident due to the petrol crisis, but we arrived at 10am in slightly overcast conditions, ready for a day of activity. We met all the instructors and separated into two groups: Year 10 and 11 and Year 12 and 13.

We started on kayaking and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructors told us how to paddle efficiently and our game of kayak polo was a real highlight. I felt like I had developed a new passion for this water sport.

After putting the paddles away, we had lunch and then it was time for knee-boarding. As previously mentioned, kayaking was great, but this was another level. Overhead wires established a course a little like a ski lift on the water and meant that we went from stationary to 30mph in the space of two seconds. 

Everyone spent a great deal of time in the water but in the unusually warm early-October sun, this was not a problem at all. After we got changed into our dry clothes, we then set off for Habs. We arrived just in time for the 4.15pm coaches but had to navigate through the slightly manic traffic conditions as a result of huge numbers of coaches attempting to both arrive back from other Field Days or leave the school site.

I would like to thank all the instructors at Willen Lake, and SLt Redfern, Mr Bartlett and Mr Ryan who were all involved in making this Field Day a great success. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who has the chance.


Three students receive prestigious Engineering Scholarships

The school’s Design and Technology department are delighted to announce that three students; Noah (L6S2), Joel (L6J1) and Roshan (L6R2) have all been awarded one of the prestigious Arkwright Scholarships.

Scholars are selected for their potential as future engineering leaders by assessing their academic, practical and leadership skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). These are assessed through a rigorous selection process comprising of an assessed application form including, teacher’s supporting reference and an interview conducted by a panel of engineers. The in-depth interview asked candidates about their career aspirations and had to discuss an engineering project they had conducted.

The scholarships support future engineering students through their Sixth Form studies and encourage them into top universities or higher apprenticeships. The scholarships consist of an annual financial award to each recipient and to the school, and a range of enrichment activities, such as mentoring and industry visits, that enhance their experience of engineering and technical design in a real-world context. 

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are very highly regarded by universities and industry and are one of the most prestigious accolades that a talented Sixth Form students pursuing a career in engineering can achieve.  

Habs Big Band recreate 1966 album, Sinatra at the Sands

Last week, the Habs Big Band gave an unforgettable evening of music, recreating the classic 1966 album Sinatra at the Sands. The audience were blown away by the band, spellbound by our wonderful singers Abim (L6R1) and Jamila (Year 13).

Photos by school captain, Felix (U6M2).










Queen Mary Sailing and Windsurfing

Navy cadets attending Queen Mary sailing club were greeted by extremely windy conditions when arriving to take part in sailing and windsurfing on field day. This meant that cadets could fully utilize the wind to sail and surf much faster than usual. 

Overall, field day at Queen Mary’s was an enjoyable experience and helped the cadets improve their skills with two person sailing and learning to windsurf.

By Kieran (11J1)