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  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Headmaster: Gus Lock MA (Oxon)


Stellar Strings 2021

The application form for Stellar Strings weekend is now available! The weekend offers a fantastic opportunity for those involved to play in small, tailormade ensembles as well as a big string orchestra. This year, the piece specially arranged for Stellar Strings is the uplifting Mazurka from Coppélia by Léo Delibes.

Click here to register for Stellar Strings Weekend.



HabsTalks welcomes Professor Lawrence Goldman (OH 1975)

In the second event as part of our new HabsTalks programme, the History Society on Monday 25 January 2021 hosted Professor Lawrence Goldman (OH 1975). Professor Goldman, former Director of the Institute of Historical Research, former Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Emeritus Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford, spoke about 'Race, Region and Rebellion: The Origins of the American Civil War 1846-61.'

The School was delighted to be joined for the talk by several Sixth Form students and colleagues from the Girls' School, as well as former colleagues from the History Department and Old Haberdashers who studied History. The thought-provoking and engaging talk generated many questions afterwards. We are grateful to Professor Goldman for sharing his expertise and skill as a historian and communicator with our students and wider community.


Lower School Reading Challenge

At the beginning of the academic year, Head of Lower School, Mr Hardman, asked the Lower School boys to keep a note of the books they have read since September. Last week, as the students head to the halfway point in the school year, Mr Hardman requested that the boys to email him with their lists of books so that teachers could add the book titles and authors to the boys’ Involvement Sheets.

Unbeknownst to Mr Hardman, Ravjoth (7M) set himself a target when we went into the first lockdown last March.

The target? To read 100 books in a year! And with more than two months to go, Ravjoth has smashed his target. 

Well done, Ravjoth!


Year 9 student donates to foodbanks during Lockdown

Upon hearing that school would continue through remote learning at the beginning of January, I started to think about what the most useful volunteering activity I could do for my Duke of Edinburgh Award, while considering the challenge of social distancing and other Lockdown deterrents, which would limit my options.

Back during the first Lockdown, my family had all helped to do some food collections locally when we heard that people were starting to lose their jobs and were starting to use foodbanks feed themselves or their families, which made me realise how fortunate my family and I are. Knowing that employment has only gotten worse throughout the year, I knew that foodbanks were now in even greater demand. The idea of lending my support seemed obvious whilst I was learning from home, as I would have more time outside of lessons to engage with my local community.

I contacted two local foodbanks: Burnt Oak Community Centre and Finchley Foodbank (at St Mary’s Church). Both seemed very happy to hear from me. A WhatsApp group for my street had been set up at the beginning of the first Lockdown which how I began to organise door to door food collections from families who wanted to donate. My first collection was between Christmas and New Year, and since then I have expanded my collections to another two streets. In the last few days, the word is starting to spread throughout my area.

Week on week I have been delighted and amazed to see so many people contributing. Each week I check with the foodbank to see what they are in most need of and publicise that to my local donators, along with the deadline for when it needs to be collected or dropped. Some people have been emptying out their cupboards to support the food banks, while others have started adding the requested items each week to their regular shops. After dropping off the food each week, I always send the people who have donated a photo with a thank you so that they know I have been, and their donations have made a difference. I also share the foodbanks own weekly post showing the ever-increasing number of families needing to use the food bank.

This week, the back of the car was so full had to put the backseats down to fit all of the bags into the car. It was a fantastic feeling.


Written by Benjamin 9J1

Drama welcomes Katie Sykes and Stefan Gregor via Zoom

GCSE and A Level Drama students both had the opportunity to listen to two experts in the industry via Zoom.

Costume Designer Katie Sykes discussed her amazing costume designs for the National Theatre's production of Peter Pan with GCSE drama groups. The conversation included how these fitted with the overall playful and ensemble style of the production. The students asked sharp questions and were rewarded with some fascinating insights into the designs - for example for Captain Hook's hook! 

Meanwhile, A Level Drama students have been studying the Young Vic's production of Yerma, an adaptation of Lorca's play and Stefan Gregor, the sound designer, spoke to the students via Zoom. In Australia during the call, Stefan kindly stayed up past midnight to provided the students with some fascinating insights into the haunting soundscapes he created for this powerful, harrowing production.


Prep School House Fitness Competition

Over the last week, the Prep School introduced a House Fitness Competition! They had an average of 130 boys a day logging onto their morning fitness sessions, which was a fantastic effort from the boys. Every time a boy turned up for a session, they received 10 points that was attributed to their house.

It was a fiercely competitive event with the standings changing on a daily basis but very well done to Davids who were crowned champions. The club will continue daily from now until the end of remote learning.

Well done to everyone who came along, keep it going!

Position House Points Total
First Davids 1,850
Second Georges 1,520
Third Patricks 1,450
Fourth Andrews 1,440



Mr Geering's Book of Roman Law

Being unable to visit family over Christmas gave me the chance to finish a project that I have been working on since 2016. I have produced a manuscript copy of The Institutes of Justinian in uncial script, and bound it in the ancient fashion into a Coptic codex. The outer boards are made of yew.

Coptic bookbinding was developed in Roman Egypt, and remained the standard method of binding books until the 11th century. The quires are stitched together, and then sewn onto the book boards. The Institutes were devised by a panel of legal experts under orders from the Roman Emperor Justinian in the early 6th Century, in order to provide an up-to-date textbook for law students.

Written by Mr Nicholas Geering.






Burst the Bubble UK

Habs pupils Jonathan Gibson, Ozair Surti, Param Thakar, Oli Davies, Kazim Yurtseven, Lucas Valladeras, Felix Zombory-Moldovan and Krish Gadhia have been involved with Burst the Bubble UKa youth-run organisation focused on raising awareness, encouraging dialogue and promoting the involvement of young people in some of the most crucial issues facing the world today.

Composed of a plethora of diverse backgrounds, religions and cultures, Burst the Bubble UK aims to consider every perspective regarding modern issues and raise awareness through every means at their disposal. Considering the prevalence of social media among modern young people, Burst the Bubble spread their messages on a variety of online platforms, from YouTube to Instagram, and beyond, in order to fully concentrate on bringing awareness to teenagers and young adults. 

Primarily, Burst the Bubble have focused on topics of freedom of religion, freedom of expression and fundamental human rights. They have created resources regarding instances where these freedoms are restricted such as with Uighur persecution. Since the initial launch in August 2019, they have organised events, recorded podcasts, created infographics and given speeches across a multitude of schools, academic forums and events. Through both ensuring resources are high quality, and working hard to produce them in quantity, the Burst the Bubble team will continue to do so in order to make a real impact.

Many students want to make a genuine difference, and thus Burst the Bubble have integrated youth from 12 different schools, including both Habs Boys and Habs Girls, into their ambassadorship scheme, with hopes to further expand membership in the future. By involving youth from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, the group simultaneously hopes to promote interfaith dialogue and discussion, but also to help set a high standard for how this form of dialogue can successfully occur. 

Within Habs Boys alone, there are a great number of student ambassadors working in roles from media to editing to management, and the team has been working hard to help Burst The Bubble in its capacity. From taking part in the Free Ekpar campaign to helping podcast production, the Habs team have endeavoured to help raise publicity and attention for the organisation’s goals.

The campaign, Free Ekpar, has been seen millions of times across the world. It featured on Japanese television and was shared by New York Times journalists. People from across 16 different countries took part in the campaign, from Ethiopia, Syria, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Hungary, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more.

Burst the Bubble are a passionate group determined to utilise their skills to help raise awareness and lobby for change for issues in which groups are being persecuted on the grounds of religion, race or culture. They wish to increase the impact of youth on politics and law by spreading awareness and providing information. Burst the Bubble hope to facilitate a greater youth voice and contribute to greater public pushes in protecting the human rights of innocent people across the world. 


Pupils roles:

Project Director from Habs Boys: Jonathan Gibson

Ambassadors from Habs Boys: Ozair Surti, Param Thakar, Oli Davies, Kazim Yurtseven, Lucas Valladeras, Felix Zombory-Moldovan, Krish Gadhia


Year 7 student raises £2,500 for NHS

Congratulations to Joshi (7R) who, motivated by seeing how tirelessly his father worked as a consultant during the pandemic, has raised £2,500 in just 24 hours for the Intensive Care Unit in Barnet Hospital.

Joshi set up a fundraising page for all the staff in the department who are working relentlessly during the pandemic. The money will go towards new coffee machines, coffee pods, health bars, snacks and hand creams for the ICU staff during the crisis. 

Well done, Joshi! 


Lunchtime Live

During the second half of the autumn term, the Prep School put on four Lunchtime Live concerts assigned to Year 3 to Year 6. The atmosphere was convivial and supportive - staff and pupils formed an appreciative audience, and parents later received photographs and a video link. 

We are privileged to have the Seldon Hall as an outstanding performance space, and over 70 musicians aged seven to 11 took part, bravely taking to the stage with a solo or small ensemble piece on a multitude of instruments.

The Prep School celebrates all levels and genres. The opportunity to perform regularly develops confidence and resilience. Practising regularly can be a tough discipline, but a public performance provides a crucial sense of direction, motivation and meaning to it all. 

Thank you to our musicians who played their pieces with thoughtfulness and style.





British Physics Olympiad - Round One

This academic year, 15 Habs boys from Year 13 participated in the first round of the British Physics Olympiad. The School is delighted to announce that out of the 15, four golds, four silvers and six bronze awards were awarded to Habs students, including a Top Gold, which is only given to the top 100 students nationally.

Congratulations to all those who took part!


Winter Break Art Competition 2020/2021

Over the holidays, many Year 7 artists were busy preparing their entries for the 2020/2021 Winter Break Art Competition! Pupils were set the task of designing a series of Christmas baubles in the style of Op Art, Pop Art and Modernism as well as a creating a personal design.

Well done to all who participated! 


Art Graphics at Habs

The subject Graphic Communication, introduced to the School's art department three years ago, both compliments and offers an alternative to Fine Art for students in Year 9 and above. High spec laptops, Wacom tablets and access to Creative Cloud provides pupils with the opportunity to fully explore digital media alongside more traditional techniques. The course is thriving, and this year will see our first cohort of Year 11 Graphic Designers completing their GCSE!

At the beginning of Year 9, pupils explore the theme 'If you could put one message on a T-Shirt what would it be?' From which each pupil works towards creating a range of logo designs/ illustrations promoting World Ocean’s Day. In class they have sketched, researched designers and make stencils to screen print their designs, by hand, onto t-shirts.

For homework, the boys were asked to design another illustration or logo using Adobe Illustrator. They carried out research into inspiring designers, drew their own imagery using Illustrator, trialled and refined their designs, thought carefully about the cause and learnt lots of new digital techniques. All of the designs you see are created from scratch by the students, with no imported imagery.

During the year, we look forward to seeing their ideas develop for the themes 'Can graphic design save your life?' and 'Do you judge a book by its cover?'