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  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Headmaster: Gus Lock MA (Oxon)


Habs welcomes Fine Artist Shelley Jacobs

Habs A Level artists enjoyed a talk from prize winning Fine Artist Shelley Jacobs who has explored a wide range of media and ideas in her work.

Shelley shared her journey from A Level Art, to her degree and masters, and then spoke about some of her current projects. This talk highlighted the importance of the development of personal ideas and connections in an artist’s work, as well as providing great insight to the genre of conceptual art.

The explanations Shelley gave as to how, why and when she took creative leaps or returned to previous themes was particularly interesting for our pupils to consider and relate back to their own practice.


Schroders Essay Competition 2021

The School's Economics department took part in an annual essay competition run by Schroders Bank, against other Haberdashers' Schools. The title this year was:

“Governments are rapidly increasing their deficits and debt to support the economy. Running a government deficit is i) bad for the economy and ii) will require taxes to go up in the future.”    

The Economics department were very impressed by the essays submitted. This is clearly topic that is not going away any time soon!

Habs is delighted to announce the success of the following students:

  • Jamar (U6H2): 2nd place across all schools
  • Aly (U6C2): runner up across all schools
  • Jai (U6M2): commended for his essay

The School would like to congratulate all the students who entered the Schroders Essay Competition as the quality of writing was excellent.


Habs welcomes advocate and human rights lawyer, Rayhan Asat

On Thursday 6 May, the Habs Politics Society were honoured to host Rayhan Asat over Zoom from Washington.

Rayhan shared the harrowing story of her brother Ekpar’s disappearance in Xinjiang in 2016, and the treatment of Uyghur Muslims around the globe.

Students from all year groups attended the insightful and fascinating event. Rayhan spoke in conversation with Jonathan (U6J) as they have worked together previously for the youth social action group Burst The Bubble. Following the talk Rayhan answered student and staff questions on action we could take and how her brother’s story has influenced her life.

It was a pleasure to have welcomed all students and staff who attended from the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools for another Politics Society event, despite it not being in-person.

Many thanks go to Dan (L6R1), Harry (L6C2), Jonathan (U6J2) and Mr Clark for helping organise such an insightful event.

Written by Harry (L6C2)


Habs London Mayoral Hustings 2021

On Thursday 29 April 2021, the Habs Politics Society hosted a Mock London Mayoral Hustings in the Bourne Hall. Members of the Lower Sixth from the Boys' and Girls' School represented seven of the candidates for London Mayor with the students facing questions on issues such as violent crime and economic recovery from the pandemic in London with debate coming from the hosts (Daniel (L6R1) and Harry (L6C2)) and the other candidates.

It was a pleasure to welcome approximately 70 members of the Lower Sixth from both schools attended the first in-person Politics Society event of the year alongside more students joining on a Zoom call.

The full list of candidates are below:

  • Conservatives: Kazim (L6C2)
  • Labour: Aryan (L6J1)
  • Lib Dems: Emma Levy
  • Reclaim: George (L6J1)
  • Green: Victoria Pellerani Concha
  • Women's Equality Party: Priya Mahan
  • Independent (Nikolas Omilana): Demi (L6M2)

By Daniel (L6R1)



































Old Haberdasher to appear in new Marvel Netflix series

Congratulations to Rish Shah (OH 2016) for landing the male lead in Marvel's new series, 'Ms. Marvel'!

Rish said: "It’s certainly surreal working for Marvel in my dream role and I’m really grateful and humbled to track it all back to my school plays and inter-house competitions at Habs. I’m proud to be a part of the wave of representation for South Asians in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I'm extremely grateful for the foundations I built at Habs as an actor and hope that other pupils see that this is a career path which can be achieved!"

Read the full article on the Deadline website


Police Community Support Officers visit the Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep students had the privilege of receiving a visit from their local Police Community Support Officers - Hannah and Louise.

They were given a very informative talk about road safety, the importance of ‘stranger danger’, wearing safety belts, where to get help and diversity in the police force. In true Habs style, the students were bursting with curiosity and asked the officers some very interesting questions!

The blue lights were flashing as the pupils got to take a closer look at the special police equipment that is kept in the boot of a police car.



Habs students success in the David Grossel History Essay Prize for 2021

The School is pleased to report that Dhilan (10S1) and Aarush (11M1) were recently named as runners-up in the David Grossel History Essay Prize for 2021.

The competition was established three years ago with the aim to help students in the Middle School develop their essay-writing skills in History and to commemorate the work of David Grossel who started his teaching career in the History Department at Habs and went on to have a significant impact in a number of London independent day schools.

The students received very favourable comments from the judges for their essays which were two of eight submissions from Habs. Dhilan's essay on 'Which President did the most to advance the civil rights of American citizens between 1945 and 1980?' was praised by the judges for making a cogent and convincing case for placing President Lyndon Baines Johnson head and shoulders above the others. Aarush was commended for doing the most difficult thing in his response to 'Was the French Revolution a Revolution of Ideas?': making a link between ideas and actions.

This is not the first time Habs students have had success in the David Grossel History Essay Prize. The School hosted the inaugural competiton in 2019, which saw two Habs students named runners-up: George C for 'How significant was the leadership of Martin Luther King in the African-American Civil Rights movement?' and Lucas V for 'To what extent did Russia benefit from the rule of Stalin?' In 2020 Aarush M was runner-up for his essay on the American Revolution.

The School commends all who took part in this year's competition for seeking to develop their historical scholarship and writing skills.


Year 8 student organises foodbank collection as part of Bar Mitzvah celebrations

As part of his Bar Mitzvah celebrations, Sami (8H1) organised a collection for Food Bank Aid. He requested from friends from school and family friends a selection of items that could be donated to help those in need during these difficult times. By the end of the collection, the car was overflowing with items.

Well done, Sami! 


Habs Boys and Habs Girls welcome Dr Aric Sigman

The Boys' and Girls' Schools welcomed (albeit virtually) Dr Aric Sigman to speak to a mixed group of senior school parents from both Schools on ‘Parenting the Demanding Generation’.

After explaining the title of his talk, and the sort of challenges facing parents today, which their own parents would never have had to deal with, Dr Sigman touched on a wide range of particular aspects of parenting, from managing screen-time to how best to instil sensible attitudes towards alcohol and drugs in teenagers.

Throughout, he endorsed a firm, clear and boundaried approach to parenting, pulling straightforward, pragmatic and actionable suggestions out of the vast swathe of literature he is clearly very familiar with. Examples included the importance of family meals (even if only a few times a week and only with one parent at a time), ensuring you have regular, entirely uninterrupted quality time with children (however brief it has to be), and using any opportunity to set up a debate and encourage children to develop their own voice and opinions.

Dr Sigman also talked about the importance of a supportive relationship between parents and school, where these two important influences in a child’s life work as a team. We were delighted to see so many parents and guardians join us for the live event and hope that many others will listen to the recorded version which has been circulated with accompanying resources; we look forward to seeing lots more at our first student-led parent PSHCE information evening on July 5.


Art Stars - April 2021

The Art Department are delighted to share these wonderful pieces of classwork by their Art and Graphics Stars of the half term.

  • Kian (7R)
  • Liad (7H)
  • Dev (8S1)
  • Alex (8M1)
  • Darshan (9J)
  • Evan (9M2)
  • Rishikesh (9C2)
  • Samvir (9H1)
  • Amey (9H1)
  • Caspar (9H2)
  • Sam (9R2)


Pre-Prep celebrate St George's Day

The boys in Georges had a fish and chip lunch followed by a delicious St George’s Day cupcake. They joined Mrs Young and Mrs Elliott to hear the story of St George and the dragon while having fun colouring and posing with our very own Pre-Prep dragon. A less scary one of course.

Happy St George’s Day everyone!



Year 1 STEM club construct marble runs!

Year 1 STEM club got off to a successful start outside in the sunshine. The boys were set their first challenge aimed to promote critical thinking and problem solving.

After months of remote learning their collaboration skills were really put into practice: turn taking, effective communication and lots of patience was necessary in order for them to construct the marble run!

Lots of fun was had by all!








Habs students participate in the 2021 Durham Schools Debating Competition

Before Easter, seven Habs teams participated in the 2021 Durham Schools Debating Competition. Comprised of five rounds before the break and with 133 teams, the competition lasted two intense days and while exhausted, all teams were proud of the results.

Waking up bright and early for the first motion at 09.00am, the Habs teams were tasked with a motion regarding alternate medicines. The students managed to grab three 1sts, two 2nds and a 3rd, which was a great start and provided motivation for the rest of the day.

The second motion provided more of a challenge, focusing on the increased usage of social media by politicians. However, an impressive performance by Ahan (U6R2) and Keshav (11H1) placed them in joint top rank of the competition with maximum points. The third motion was the final one for the open rounds and had mixed results, with most of the Habs teams ending 5-6 on points. Credit is due to Fola (10M2) who managed an impressive 81 speaker points, the highest out of anyone in Habs, which is especially commendable considering how most of the competitors were in Years 12 and 13.








Rounds 4 and 5 were closed, however discussed some interesting motions, discussing crucial topics such as Fairtrade taxes, and Habs teams were successful across the board. The fourth round was the best for the competitors, with an impressive performance earning them a total of 16 points compared to an average of 10.25 from previous motions. Round 5 provided another tough contest, however the teams from Habs completed the closed rounds confident that they had pushed themselves to the limits.

The competitors from Habs were not unrewarded; as a result, Fola and Alex (10 M1) participated in the open quarter finals where they faced some of the best teams in the competition. The Year 10 team placed 7th overall, a fantastic achievement considering the overwhelming majority were significantly older than them.








Furthermore, Aarnav (L6H1) and Lucas (L6H1) made the top 40 for speaker scores (38 and 31 respectively) while Fola proved his skills by ranking in the top 30. Finally, four Habs teams reached the top 50: Alex and Fola in 7th, Lucas in 19th, Maanav and James in 38th and Ahan and Keshav in 38th.

Reaching the quarter finals was an immense achievement and demonstrates how much progress Habs have made in debating in recent years.

The students look forward to the final competition of the year, which will be the final of the International Competition for Young Debaters (ICYD), plus the restart of the season next academic year.