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Senior School Staff

Senior School Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Headmaster Mr A R Lock, MA, University of Oxford, Exeter College 
Senior Deputy Head Mr N P Hamshaw, MMath, University of Oxford, Exeter College
Head of Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory Schools Mr M E Rossetti, MA, University of Oxford, Balliol College
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr R D Sykes, BA, University of Manchester
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs C E Shooter, BA, University of Birmingham
Director of Admissions Mrs K R Pollock, MA, University of Edinburgh
Director of Co-Curricular Mr A J Simm, BA, University of Durham
Director of Teaching and Learning Mr J Bown, BA, University of Nottingham
Director of Marketing, Communications and Culture Mrs A Tooley, BA (Hons), Reading University
Chief Operating Officer Mr D S Thompson, BA, University of Manchester


Extended Leadership Group
Head of Lower School Mr T B Hardman, BEd, University of London, Goldsmith's College
Head of Middle School Mr A M Lawrence, MA, University of Buckingham
Director of Sixth Form Miss G S Noble, MEd, University of Cambridge, Hughes Hall
Director of Operations Mr M Lewis MBE, BEng (Hons), University of Southampton
Director of Finance and Resources Ms N Leon, BSc, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Director of Partnerships Mr J Plotkin, MA, University of Oxford
Director of Foundation Mr R de H Llewellyn, MA, University of Cambridge, St John's College
Director of Development Mr B Friar, MS, Columbia University, NY


Heads of House
Calverts Mr P Bartlett, MA, Institute of Education, University of London
Hendersons Mr T Jones, BSc, University of Manchester
Joblings Dr G Chapman, PhD, University of Nottingham
Meadows Mr D Taberner, MSc, University of Oxford
Russells Mr M Broadwith, MSc, University of Oxford
Strouts Mr A Metcalfe, BSc, University of Loughborough

In the following Senior School Academic department lists, the first named member of staff is the corresponding Head of Department.

Academic Support
Mrs F McEwan-Cox, MEd (Cantab), Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements
Mrs M Kahn, BSC, Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements
Mrs D Bardou, BA
Mrs T Grossman, BEd (Prep)

Mrs K Weber, BA (Hons)
Miss K Barron, BA (Hons)
Mrs K Nicholson, MA

Mr C Glanville, BSc
Mr S Coleman, BSc
Mr H Gauntlett, BSc
Mrs K Morris, BSc (Hons)
Mrs R Oatridge, BSc
Dr J P Ooi, PhD
Dr R Randall, PhD
Mrs S Shiradski, PGDip (Ed)
Mrs D Vekaria, BSc
Mr B Ward, BSc

Dr G Hobbs, PhD
Dr A Chapman, PhD
Dr G Chapman, PhD
Dr B Chaudhry, PhD
Dr A Citron, PhD
Mrs H Dawda, HND
Dr S Krishnadasan, PhD
Mrs K Mehta, BSc
Mrs S Patel, BSc
Dr A Perera, PhD
Miss A Pindoria, BSc

Dr C Joyce , PhD
Ms M Pfeffer, BA (Hons)

Computing and ICT
Mr C Ovia, MA
Ms D Blyth, BA (Hons)
Mr D Franks, MSci (Hons)

Mr S Vincent, MA
Mr G Cox, City and Guilds (Aero 3)
Mr T Hardman, BEd
Mr W Hughes-Caley, BSc (Hons)
Mr P Roncarati, MSc
Mr S Ryan, BEd

Mrs J Wolfson, BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Mr P Bartlett, MA
Mr G Hall, BSc
Mrs G Lyons, BSc (Econ and Econometrics)
Mr C Raatz, MSc
Mrs M Zahid, MA

English and Drama
Mr I Wheeler, BA (Hons)
Mr C Bass, BA (Hons)
Mr W Brotherston, BA (Hons)
Mr J Dunne, MA
Miss L Hooker, BA
Ms C Leaver, MA
Mr T Lunn, MA
Mrs F McEwan-Cox, MEd
Mrs D Morris-Wolffe, BA (Hons)
Ms E Nairne, BA (Hons)
Mr A Pearson, MA
Mr J Plotkin, MA
Mrs K Pollock, MA
Mr R Weinman, BA
Ms C Leaver, MA
Mr M Pedroz, BA (Hons)

Mrs A Thakar, BSc (Hons)

Mrs S Edwards, BSc (Hons)
Mr J Bown, BA
Mrs M Carrick, BA
Mr R Cooper, BA
Mrs N Fielden, BSc
Mr D Taberner, MSc

Mr S Clark, BA (Hons)
Mr N Saddington, BA
Mrs D Bardou, BA
Mr A Lock, MA (Oxon)
Mr A McLarin, MA
Dr I StJohn, DPhil
Mrs C Turbett, BA
Mr T Handley, MA (Cantab)
Mr A Simm, BA (Hons)

Mr A Ward, BSc (Hons)
Mr J Boorman, BA (Hons)
Mr M Broadwith, MMath
Mrs M Brock, BSc
Mr B Brown, MA
Miss R Farhan, BSc
Mr J Hails, BSc (Hons)
Mrs B Haria, BSc (Hons)
Mr S Haring, MA
Miss K Harrison, BSc (Mathematics)
Mrs N Harte, BSc
Mr T Jones, BSc
Mr N Jovanovic, BSc Mech Eng
Mr A Lee, BSc
Mr J Lee, MEng
Mr R Mehta, MSc
Mr R Oldfield, BSc
Mrs A Thakar, BSc (Hons)
Miss C Willows, BEd
Mrs S West, BSc

Modern Foreign Languages
Mr R Thompson, BA (Hons), (Head of Modern Languages)
Ms K Adams, MA, (Head of Spanish)
Mr M Bardou, BA (Hons), (Head of French)
Mr H Akhtar, BA
Miss A Drake, BA (Hons)
Mr N Geering, MA
Mrs E Gomez, BA
Ms S Hanlon, MA
Mrs D Miller-Smith, BA (Hons)
Mr B Peris, MEd
Mrs C Shooter, BA
Miss L von Truchsess, BA (Hons)
Mr T Vidal, BA
Mr R Walters, BA (Hons)

Mr R Osmond, MA
Mrs D O'Hare, BA (Hons)
Mr C Redfern, BA (Hons)
Mr A Simm, BA

Music - Instrument
Mr P Bainbridge, ARCM (Trumpet)
Mr D Bentley, GGSM (French Horn/Brass)
R Bradshaw, BMus (Violin)
Mr S Byron, BMus (Hons)
Mr R Carter, FRCO (CHM) (Pianoforte and Organ)
Miss U Galuszka, MMus (Guitar)
Mr L Gee, BA (Hons) Hon RBC
Mrs R Heathcote, BMus (Oboe)
Mr M Herd, MMus (RAM)
Mr H Legge, LRAM (Bassoon)
Miss C Maguire, LRAM (Double Bass)
Miss I Mair, MMus, GRSM (Hons), LRAM, ARCM
Mrs K O'Kane (Cello)
Mr J Ormston, MA (Percussion)
Mr T Taylor, MMus (Pianoforte)
Miss P Worn, LRAM (Viola), ABRSM, ALCM

PE and Sports Science
Mr R McIntosh, MEd
Mr M Anderson, MSc
Miss K Brandon, BSc
Mr E Brkovic, DipHE
Mr D Cooper, BA
Mr T Holder, MSc
Mr D Kerry, BSc
Mr D Lawrence, BA (Hons)
Mr R Lofinmakin-Dutta, Kensington and Chelsea College
Mr A Metcalfe, BSc

Mr R Kerr, BSc
Mr M Allison, MBA
Mr R Cachuela, BSc
Dr G Elias, MBBS
Dr C Gannarelli, PhD
Ms R Harvey, MSci
Mr J Knight, BSc
Mr B Letts, BSc
Mr E Pauletto, BSc
Mrs S Revens, BSc
Mr J Teague, MEng

Mr S Clark, BA (Hons)
Mr T Handley, MA (Cantab)
Mr A Simm, BA (Hons)

Theology and Philosophy
Mr R Davis, MA
Mr A Lawrence, MA
Rev M Brandon, MTh
Dr C de Ray, MA
Dr O Tromans, PhD
Mr K Watson, MA

Key Support Staff
Mrs Claire Russell - PA to the Headmaster
Mrs Zoe Brownsell - PA to the Senior Deputy Head
Miss Helen McKay - PA to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Support Team
Mrs Susanna Muller - PA to the Deputy Head (Pastoral) 
Mrs Wendy Hunt - PA to the Deputy Head (Academic) 
Mrs Jennifer Adams - PA to the Director of Co-curricular

Reverend M E Brandon - Chaplain 

Mr Dave Ewart - Deputy Director of Operations
Mr Ben Taylor - Head of Human Resources
Mrs Maria Brooks - Head of Finance
Mrs Binnur Rogers - Admissions Registrar
Mr Jamie Ypey - Head of Estates
Mr James Dunlop - Head of Outdoor Education
Mr Richard Tansey - Site Manager
Mr John Lewis - Grounds Manager (Sports)
Ms Emma Summers - Transport Manager