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Our Aims and Ethos

Our Aims

  1. To challenge bright students to achieve the highest standards
  2. To develop a sense of community and shared values
  3. To support parents in preparing their children for a fulfilled life

Our Ethos

Haberdashers' Boys' School offers an energetic and enthusiastic learning environment for inquisitive students. We produce confident and self motivated young people who are fully prepared for the challenges of the future. Our students leave knowing that they have benefited from an outstanding educational experience, and take with them the knowledge that this privilege brings with it a duty of ethical leadership and social responsibility. So what is it about Habs that nurtures excellence of this calibre in our graduates?

We are known for our academic excellence. We admit the brightest pupils, and at every stage of their development our curriculum is expressly designed to keep them involved, stimulated and eager to learn. This is an environment where it is normal for children to excel. When they leave, they all go on to study at the universities of their choice. Yet academic achievement is only part of the Habs experience.

Our students can choose from an astounding range of co-curricular activities. From the more traditional sports to the most innovative clubs and societies, an exhausting array of opportunities is available. In one term alone, our visiting speakers ranged from Lord Krebs, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the noted American civil rights leader. No student is ever bored at Habs.

The grounds and buildings are outstanding. Our facilities are modern and purpose-built for contemporary needs and requirements. Our Pre-Prep is a short distance from the school campus, enabling the youngest of our pupils to thrive in an environment designed for their needs. Our Prep school is on the senior campus but with its own buildings and facilities, so pupils are introduced gradually to the older world. And the Senior School, with dedicated music facilities, the most advanced ICT resources, modern library and state of the art science labs, is an environment specifically designed to stimulate and motivate bright students.

But what makes Habs truly special – what sets it apart from any of its competitors – is its strong and supportive multicultural community. At Habs, students make friends with others from the most extraordinary range of backgrounds and cultures, and at Habs they learn to respect and value each other for their diversity and difference. Our community stands as a beacon of tolerance and respect. An important aspect of the rich diversity of life at Habs is that our community embraces a wide variety of faiths and traditions. Most assemblies are non denominational, but once a week students may attend services that are specifically Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, or non-aligned. Although the school was founded in the Christian tradition and has a full-time Anglican Chaplain, there are no religious barriers to admission. Rights of conscience are respected and leave of absence for major religious festivals is granted upon written request.

One of our unique features is the fact that we are based on the same campus as Haberdashers' Girls' School. This provides us with the best of both worlds; a single-sex education in a co-educational environment.

Habs is in a special environment designed expressly to nurture excellence in a culture that promotes and celebrates achievement and goodwill. It is a happy school.