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School Rules


Senior School

The life and wellbeing of the School rest upon the principles of honesty, fair-mindedness, mutual goodwill and consideration for others. Any breach of good manners or common sense is a breach of the School Rules; this includes any action that may impair the School’s good name. School rules cannot cover all contingencies, but the following rules apply in order to Seniortain a safe, well-ordered and civilised environment.

Compliance with the School rules currently in force is a condition of membership of the School and the Headmaster‘s interpretation of these rules is final. The rules apply at all times when boys are:
• At School
• Travelling to and from School by whatever means
• Taking part in or supporting any activity organised by or sponsored by the School whether in or out of term-time

School Rules

Any infringement of these rules will be punished in line with the School sanctions. This includes permanent exclusion for serious offences.

• Boys should always treat all members of the School community, visitors and members of the public with courtesy and respect.
• Contact with the media in the name of the School is forbidden without the approval of the School.
• Any action which might bring the School's name into disrepute, verbally, in print or online is forbidden.
• The campus opens to boys at 8.00 am and no boy should arrive before this time. Boys should not remain on the School premises after 4.15 pm unless they are taking part in an organised activity run by a member of staff or if they are undertaking supervised study in the Library.
• All boys must attend School and all timetabled activities punctually and regularly. Except in the event of illness, no boy may be absent from School without permission previously obtained.
• Any pupil requiring planned absence from School should apply for an exeat from their Form Tutor by email or by letter. If the absence is longer than ½ day permission will be sought from the Head of Section– see Absence Policy.
• Boys are expected to be committed both to their academic work and to the co-curricular activities of the School. They have an obligation, if selected by the School, to take part in school games/matches and other out-of-school activities and to attend practices and meetings on schooldays, weekends and before term unless special exemption has been granted with at least 7 days prior notice.
• Boys in the Upper Sixth may bring cars to the School only with the written permission of the Head of Sixth Form or Senior Tutor.
• All pupils must take a pride in the appearance of the campus. Litter should be put into the waste bins provided.
• Pupils are forbidden to order items for delivery unless permission is given by a member of staff.
• Food should not be eaten inside School buildings other than the Bates Dining Hall and Sixth Form Common Room unless under supervision.
• Chewing gum or spitting is not permitted anywhere on the School campus.
• Any damage to School property, apparatus or books must be paid for and should be reported to a member of staff immediately.
• All boys must adhere to the School ICT Acceptable Use Policy for a pupil which is widely available. Cyber-bullying is not tolerated – see Anti-bullying Policy.
• Snowballing is not permitted.
• Except for short periods, exemption from Games or Physical Education lessons is granted only on receipt of a medical certificate.
• Gambling is forbidden. Limited small-scale "exchange and mart" activities are allowable but those exceeding £10.00 are not permitted.
• Boys are forbidden to possess or use tobacco, e-cigarettes or alcohol. Alcohol may be consumed in moderation by pupils who are over the age of 18, at appropriate occasions, under the supervision of staff and provided parental consent has been obtained using the over 18 alcohol consent form. In any case of infringement of this rule parents will be informed and boys must expect to be temporarily excluded from School. If this occurs on a School trip parents will be contacted and asked to collect their son at their expense.
• Stealing is forbidden.
• Bullying in any form, including cyber-bullying is forbidden (see Anti-bullying Policy) and all boys must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.
• It is forbidden to possess any illegal substances while under the jurisdiction of the School.

School Uniform

All boys are reminded that they are expected to take pride in their appearance and be smartly dressed at all times. Unless granted written exemption by their Head of Section, boys must conform to the dress regulations currently in force. Top buttons should be done up and shirts tucked in at all times including travelling to and from School. Uniform will be regularly checked and a pupil can expect to be punished if they fail to comply with the school rules on uniform.

Dress Code for Year 7 to 11:
• School blazer with crest
• Charcoal grey trousers
• Plain white shirt
• A recognised School tie
• Navy blue V-neck long sleeve  jumper with the School crest
• Grey or black socks
• Shoes (not boots or training shoes) and must be formal, plain and black – clean and polished
• Dark-navy or black coats
• Navy scarves, hats and gloves
• Hair-styles are required to be moderate: hair should be its own natural colour, lie off the collar and be of an even cut; very short or long on top cuts are inappropriate; ‘business-like’ should be the guiding factor
• No earrings, studs, other facial piercings or fashion jewelry such as rings are to be worn; tattoos are forbidden.  
• Mouth guards must be worn for rugby and hockey.

Dress Code for the Sixth Form

Sixth Formers are required to dress in a manner that is, in the opinion of the School, formal and restrained. We are very proud of the smart appearance of our Sixth Formers and respectfully ask that your son adheres to the detail outlined in this code in order to Seniortain an identity suitable for senior pupils with a leadership role. Students may be sent home in cases of not adhering to the code of appearance. Sixth Formers at Haberdashers are distinctive and distinguished by the wearing of formal, smart and business-like suits as follows:

• A suit of traditional formal style and cut; no loud stripes or checks; black; grey or blue.
• A pale-coloured shirt, plain or with discreet stripes or checks; black and strong colours are inappropriate; top-buttons are to be done up.
• A tie of choice; students must avoid garish designs and colours.
• If a pullover is worn, it must be a V-neck in a dark shade, with no zips, buttons or hoods.
• Black or dark brown formal shoes; no casual shoes, trainers or boots;
• No earrings, other facial piercings or fashion jewellery such as rings are to be worn; tattoos are forbidden.
• Hairstyles are required to be moderate: hair should be its own natural colour, lie off the collar and be of an even cut; very short or long on top cuts are inappropriate; ‘business-like’ should be the guiding factor.
• Students are expected to be clean-shaven. If a student wishes to grow his beard for a religious reason, he should seek permission and collect a form to fill in from the Head of Sixth Form.  
• Mouth guards must be worn for rugby and hockey.

Summer Dress Regulations

Boys must come to School in full School uniform. All pupils must wear their blazers for formal occasions, such as assembly. When summer dress is announced this means that pupils may remove their blazer or jacket and place it in their locker however, boys must continue to wear their shirt (short sleeved shirts are acceptable) with the top button done up and tucked in. It is also expected that boys wear a School tie. Teachers may allow them to remove their tie in the classroom but it must be replaced when they leave the room at the end of the lesson.
Personal Property

All garments and articles of personal property including clothing must be clearly labelled with the owner's name and the initial of their House. For Physical Education, the regulation School kit must always be worn. Boys taking part in games, matches must store their belongings, money and other valuables in a secured locker. The School accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind.

Rules which refer to the School Grounds

• No boy may go outside the School grounds during the school day without an Exeat or other official permission.

• Unless authorized by a member of staff, the following areas are out of bounds:
‐ The vicinity of the Headmaster's house, including the Yew Tree Garden
‐ The games fields, except for pitch five or the Park Pitches as indicated by the Director of Sport
‐ The North Drive Gate
‐ The Assault Course
‐ The woods either side of the North Drive
‐ The Coach Park
‐ Areas of building works
‐ Seniortain areas
‐ The Staff Common Room
‐ The AstroTurf (trainers must be worn)
‐ The Grounds Department and Store
‐ Any School Office- departmental or private.
‐ Staff toilets

• Access to the following areas is limited to the boys mentioned:
- the paths around the 1st XI cricket pitch - Sixth Form only
- the Prep-Prep boys and duty prefects
- The roof of any building, the woods and water gardens.

• During School holidays, the School buildings and grounds are out-of-bounds to all boys unless present on an activity organised by a member of staff.

• Boys may not visit the Girls' School during break. All boys are allowed to socialise at lunchtime in the area in front and to the side of the Girls’ School. Sixth Formers may visit the Girls' Sixth-Form Common Room and the classrooms in the Sixth-Form area provided they sign in at the Girls’ School. Otherwise boys are allowed into the Girls’ School only by invitation for specific activities, clubs and societies. Messages should be delivered by reporting to the Office in the Reception Area.

• Maps are displayed in tutor rooms and general notice boards on the allocation of playground space for each year group each year. When the weather allows, permission is given for pupils to use the Park Pitches and Pitch 5. An announcement is made to this effect.