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Values: Building a Community of Character 

This roundel sets out the values which we at Haberdashers’ have settled on as appropriate to guide our life as a community. We endeavour to support and encourage each another in showing courage and compassion, in honouring justice and forgiveness, in seeking truth and practising tolerance as we make space for rich diversity within our community. We seek integrity in all areas of our life together and try to develop humility, thinking neither more nor less of ourselves than is appropriate.  Our aspiration is to develop the wisdom that will enable us to live well in the world, balancing our own flourishing with a willingness to serve others. This is an aspiration for us all, from the youngest student to the most experienced member of staff.  

To read our Values statement in full, please click on the link below.


Keeping children and young people safe is a key priority at Haberdashers’. If you have any safeguarding concerns about a pupil please contact the school on 0208 266 1760 and you will be forwarded to the DSL.