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13+ Deferred Entry

We are now offering the option of deferred entry for pupils from 13+ Prep Schools in the UK. This means that pupils in Year 6 may take the 11+ entrance exam and if offered a place may choose to defer to Year 9. 

It is important to be aware that Habs Boys’ School remains predominantly an 11+ school.

Approximately 50 pupils join the Senior School from our Prep School; a further 100 pupils join at 11+ and approximately 20 places are available at 13+. We recognise the increasing pressure on parents for certainty regarding placement at secondary schools in Year 6 and we wish to ensure that Habs Boys’ School remains accessible to all suitable applicants. Candidates who are unsuccessful at this stage are welcome to reapply at 13+.

Registration and Process

  • For 13+ deferred entry, candidates must be registered by mid-November in Year 6.
  • Candidates will take the 11+ exam on the dates that are to be confirmed. The exam consists of a 90-minute examination on a computer and covers verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and some English and Maths questions. We do not release sample tests. Approximately half the applicants who sit the written papers are called back for an interviews in English, Maths and a group task.
  • Offers are made mid-February. Pupils who qualify for a place following the 11+ assessments will be offered the choice either to accept the place for 11+ entry or to defer to Year 9.
  • There will be no further tests in Year 8 for those holding unconditional deferred offers.
  • The place will need to be secured in January of Year 7 by payment of non-refundable £1000 deposit.


13+ Exams

  • Applicants who did not secure a place at the 11+ assessment are very welcome to try again and take the 13+ assessments in early January of Year 8. Candidates must be reregistered by mid-November in Year 8.
  • There are written papers in English, Maths, three Sciences, General Humanities (source-based). Sample papers are on our website. Approximately half the applicants who sit the written papers are called back for an interview which lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Auditions for music scholarships will be held in January in Year 8 alongside our 13+ auditions.
  • In order to be accessible to as many applicants as possible, 13+ assessments remain open for reapplications and first-time applications.