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Scholarships and Bursaries (11+/13+)

The School Governors, in seeking to widen access and reduce the burden of fees for parents on whom it would rest most heavily, make means-tested bursaries available each year for new entrants to the Senior School, including those from the Preparatory School. Candidates need to qualify for a place at the School as a result of their performance in the 11+ or 13+ Senior School entrance examinations and interviews. Financial need must be established by completion of a confidential statement of financial circumstances. 

Bursary awards range in value according to financial needs and the funds available for bursaries. Parents awarded full remission of tuition fees (a 100% award) will also usually be eligible to receive an award that covers the costs of coach travel, and lunches, as well as support with academic trips and one musical instrument. 

As a guide, free places may be awarded where total assessable household gross income is below £30,000. Where an offer of a free place is made, and a student uses the school coach service this will also be subsidised. The ceiling for eligibility for financial support is approximately £70,000 gross. Between these two figures contributions towards fees will be on a sliding scale. At 11+, awards may also take account of academic merit, and can be offered in conjunction with an Academic or Music Scholarship.

Bursaries are available throughout the period of a boy’s attendance at the School, subject to satisfactory conduct and progress, and to the continuation of the financial need. Because circumstances do change, parents who require financial assistance are required to complete a new bursary application form each year. For those to whom a bursary has been awarded, the balance of fees due and any other charges for the term (e.g. coach travel) are payable by the parents. Whilst every attempt is made to maintain bursaries at a stable level once they have been awarded, this cannot be guaranteed.

All candidates registered for the Senior School entrance examination receive a bursary application form with the exam pack before the date of the examination.