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Scholarships - Music and Academic

Music Scholarships and Exhibitions 

The Music Department at Habs is among the strongest in the country, and we aim to ensure that all have an opportunity to experience music throughout the school. Over 600 boys of all ages learn instruments, and support a wealth of ensembles including four orchestras, three wind bands, a big band, jazz ensemble, many guitar and percussion groups, chamber groups and choirs.

The department gives approximately 16 evening concerts per year and weekly lunchtime recitals, as well as supporting assemblies throughout the week with musical performances. Concerts at venues such as the Barbican are a regular feature of the diary, as are tours in the holidays.

As part of its commitment to providing the best musical education to our boys, Habs offers music awards to the strongest musicians in the school. Music award-holders are expected to take part in numerous school ensembles, and to be ambassadors for the department within the school community. In return the school offers them a financial incentive as well as certain privileges and opportunities.

There are two types of music award – scholarships and exhibitions.

  • A scholarship includes remission of fees, generally of between 5 and 25%, and also includes free tuition on one instrument in school.
  • An exhibition gives free tuition on an instrument.


What Makes a Successful Applicant

  • Enthusiasm and an interest in Music: This is more important than anything else – music scholars should exude an enthusiasm for all types of music. They should enjoy discovering new music and be itching to discuss it.
  • Grade level: Candidates may be at any level on their instrument(s) and may have one or more instruments to offer. While most successful applicants are already at or above grade 6 on an instrument upon application, the department places significant value on rate of progress: candidates who have achieved Grade 4 or 5 in a very short space of time have also been successful in the past.
  • Number of instruments: In some cases being able to play more than one instrument, or offer singing, can be an advantage, but a strong performer on one instrument is likely to be favoured over a lesser performer on two or more instruments.
  • Type of instrument: The School will wish to offer scholarships to those it can support best, and to that end candidates playing instruments which fit into our current ensembles are likely to have greater success. All are welcome however, and we will aim to create new ensembles for worthy candidates who play less common instruments.

The Application

Applications for awards are made towards the end of the Autumn term. Boys have the opportunity as part of the application to write briefly about what it is that excites them most about their music.

In mid-December boys receive notice of whether they are to be called for audition. Auditions and interviews take place early in the Spring term for both Year 7 and Year 9 entry.

Being a Music Award-holder

Music Award-holders are given performance opportunities throughout their time at the school, within large and small ensembles and as soloists. Concert visits are also occasionally offered to award-holders in advance of others.

It is anticipated that the offer of free tuition will be used for the award-holder’s principal instrument; if they wish to continue lessons with a teacher not employed by the school these are not reimbursed. In this instance free lessons can, with the agreement of the Director of Music, be used for an additional instrument in school.

Visiting the Music Department

The Director of Music, Mr Richard Osmond, is always happy to meet prospective candidates in advance of an application. Appointments should be made through the Music Secretary, Mrs Nathwani (0208 266 1730).


Academic Scholarships

The School offers a limited number of Academic Scholarships each year to pupils entering the Senior School in Year 7 and Year 9. Each Scholarship, which is awarded irrespective of parental financial circumstances, carries an element of fee remission which is usually between 5% to 20% of the annual fees. ALL candidates will be eligible for these Scholarships which are awarded for academic excellence. NO SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IS NEEDED.

Those to whom Scholarships are awarded are also eligible to apply for Bursaries, which, if offered, will be given in addition to the value of the Scholarship award. Academic Scholarships are subject to annual review, wherein a Scholar’s attitude to work and academic performance will be considered. A small number of Academic Scholarships are awarded each year by the Head of the Preparatory School for boys joining the Senior School. The principal criteria for awarding these Scholarships are:

• Sustained excellence in academic performance, including evidence from progress grades and end of year examinations
• Performance in relevant Year 6 base line data tests
• Form teacher recommendation, including contribution by the pupil to the wider academic life of the School and attitudes to learning together with the ability to uphold the values stated on the School roundel through their communication and actions.

The School will inform parents by letter in February.