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Brothers make protective visors for NHS staff

Two brothers in the Preparatory School have been making protective visors for NHS staff. Nathan in Year 3 and Ollie in Year 5, with help from their parents, have been using their spare time at home to produce these visors for the anesthetists and other doctors in the hospitals.
Nathan said: "When helping clear a sick patient's airway, three doctors need to wear one each for protection.”  
Ollie added: “They [the masks] can only be worn once because of germs, and then have to be discarded, so there's a very serious shortage in the country. We bought foam, elastic, a glue gun and our cousin donated 100 sheets of A4 acetate. By cutting and sticking these together, and carefully following instructions that were provided, we've been making many visors that can be used in hospital.” 
The School is very proud of its pupils, parents, staff, alumni and wider members of the Haberdashers’ community for their selfless acts during these uncertain times. 
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