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DT department in over Easter to make PPE for NHS

The School’s Design and Technology department has reviewed designs, sourced materials and volunteered their time, spending the first week of the Easter holiday producing personal protective equipment for the NHS. 
The DT block on campus has been unlocked, with special permission, specifically for this valuable task and has been a hive of activity. The production of this equipment will continue until PPE is no longer needed by the hardworking NHS staff fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.    
Mr Vincent, Mr Hardman, Mr Roncarati, Mr Ryan and Mr Hughes-Caley have been working tirelessly during the holiday period to make as many visors and protective equipment as possible using laser-cut polypropylene sheet and 3D printed PLA (a type of polymer). Following strict distancing measures, they have since been joined by members of staff from across various departments of the School. A number of pupils from the School have also been creating visors from home, using their own equipment and resources. They have been remotely liaising with their DT teachers in order to increase output and supply more PPE to those who need it most.  
Thanks to the endeavors of the DT department, other colleagues and some pupils, the School has managed to make 700 in just one week. These have already been dispatched, via the courier services of the very same DT teachers that are producing the face shields, to:  
- Homerton University Hospital   
- The Nightingale Hospital 
- National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery  
- The Royal London Hospital  
- Longrove Surgery GP Practice, Barnet   
- Barnet Hospital, COVID-19 response team (a parent at Habs running a COVID-19 Assessment Unit) 
- Northwick Park Hospital (a parent at Habs who is a Consultant Vascular Surgeon) 
- Watford General Hospital 
- Princess Alice Hospice, Esher 
Catherine Pelley, Chief Nurse at Homerton University Hospital, said: “This is amazing! I don’t have the words to express how much we appreciate these at The Homerton. They will make the lives of our staff so much better and safer. Lots of love and thanks from me and the team here.”  
Mufaddal Trunkwala (OH), Occupational Therapist at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, commented: “Thank you very much, Mr Hardman and Habs, for the donation of visors. These will be put to vital use at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in the fight against COVID-19.” 
It is absolutely brilliant to see the selflessness and service of the DT department, and indeed the wider Habs community, during these challenging times. A special thanks must go to the School’s DT staff and everybody involved in producing PPE equipment for NHS staff!   
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