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Class of 1989 Reunion (27 June 2019)

Written by Rick Franklin, Class of '89.   

"Using the excuse that 30 years had passed since we left Habs, close to 50 people met up at the Iron Duke in London and filled a room with the sound of genuine joy.  

Some had stayed in touch; some hadn't seen each other since Mr Taylor held onto the final chord of Jerusalem as we filed out of the Main Hall. Either way, reminiscing was a-plenty with almost instant facial recognition. Some tears were spotted along with enough hugs, smiles, laughs and memories to challenge Disney World for its title of 'Happiest Place on Earth'.  

Boys had come from America, Scotland, Edgware, but Calvin Quek won the award for traveling the furthest, all the way from Thailand.  

Tales were told all the way up until closing time and beyond. I feel lucky to be part of this group of guys that I have known for almost all my life. Long may the bonds continue, long may the camaraderie last. "