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Class of 1999 (7 September 2019)

Sunday 7 September saw the first Foundation reunion of the academic year to be held at the Boys School. 25 Old Boys who left the School 20 years ago returned to Habs, some for the first time since they graduated.

They were delighted to be able to catch up with old friends as well as tour the grounds and revisit their old classrooms. They were treated to some lovely weather as they wandered the grounds with the sounds of the Stellar Strings weekend drifting across the quad from the Bourne Hall.  

The reunion coincided with one being held at the Girls School for those that had also left in 1999. Tom Richmond (OH 1999) booked the garden at a local pub in Borehamwood, and the two groups were able to meet up and share stories from both sides of the wall, whilst enjoying what may well be the last of the summer sun.