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Obituary - Pamela Bryant

Pamela Bryant died on 21 March aged 85. Pamela joined Habs in 1974 as class teacher of P1, when the Prep School was still in the `old’ BBC Block (now housing the Art and Design & Technology depts). With a true passion for education, she taught all the subjects the School could throw at its students and was appointed the first Deputy Head in 1985, before becoming Head in 1992. She retired in 1997 and was succeeded by Yvonne Mercer.  

As Head she ensured that she knew and taught every boy in the school and had words of encouragement for all, even the most difficult boys. She was a superb mentor to generations of young teachers, whose first jobs were at Habs and having been inspired by Pamela then went on lead their own schools at home and abroad. She had a great capacity and spirit for adventure (in 1990 she took sabbatical leave to trek from Dakar to Zanzibar in a truck) and was a regular on the School Ski Trip, until she suffered terrible leg injuries in 1992 when a novice skier collided with her on the slopes. 

She took leading roles in School Staff plays, greatly enjoyed accompanying School trips far and wide and loved to attend school theatre productions and concerts, taking particular delight and pride in the careers of her former Prep students as they progressed through the School and beyond. Pamela was often the first person these past students would seek out in later years when they returned to Habs. One such OH, now resident in America, recently met Pamela in Aldenham House and produced the book with which she had taught him to read. Being able to see Pamela, thank her for her formative influence and have her sign his book, had made his trip across The Pond the happiest he could have imagined, he proclaimed.  

Pamela is survived by her two children Jon (OH 1984) and Sarah and four grandchildren. If you would like to send condolences to Pamela’s family, please do so to Jon at  Jon will also be sending details of an event later in the year to celebrate her life. This will be held at Habs Prep School.