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Digital Careers Convention

The last year has forced us to be adaptable and flexible like never before. We can lament the many things on which we have missed out and which cannot be replicated online, but there have also been so many positive and creative solutions, using the available technology often to make things even better. One impressive initiative was the recently launched digital Careers Convention.

The online Convention provided an excellent opportunity for our students. In lieu of a physical Careers Convention, they interviewed Old Haberdashers about their careers and recorded these as short films, which have been published online for everyone to enjoy. This video gallery combines the best of both worlds: as well as needing digital know-how, these interviews also required communication skills, teamwork, collaboration and the personal, human touch to steer a professional conversation. Alongside the confidence to navigate constant technological advancements, these interpersonal skills remain crucial and will always be of value.

It has also been wonderful to reconnect with our alumni, who are doing such exciting things and who have given our students a chance to imagine brighter days ahead. As an Old Haberdasher, it has been a treat to see and hear from some familiar faces (even if we all look just a little older)! It was striking how many of them mention their Habs friends as still playing such a large part in their lives and sometimes even their careers. At its heart, the success of this year’s Careers Convention has been the togetherness of the Habs community: students, staff and alumni pulling in the same direction. We are immensely thankful to our alumni for being generous with their time and for sharing their experiences.

Click here to view our Careers Convention 


Mr Gus Lock