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Bloodhound Rocket Competition

To celebrate the end of their examinations, the Year 7 spent Friday 9 June designing, building and testing a rocket car. The event was run by The Bloodhound Project, a team of engineers working to design a car that will exceed speeds of 1000km/h. Bloodhound challenged our students to construct a model rocket car using only foam and a rocket fuel motor! In competition with rival groups, each team sought to design the best car possible. Testing occurred at the end of each session as a BBC MicroBit computer sent results of the car’s speed in real time to an Excel Spreadsheet. Once the testing was complete, the boys returned to the Seldon Hall for an awards ceremony
The boys clearly learnt the real world application of theoretical physics and computer coding to practical engineering and design. It was therefore fitting that the day ended on the keynote speech, led by Kedar Kayle of R&D, entitled ‘Making the World a Better Place’.


We would like to thank all of our guests today, particularly Clare Riley, Craig Parker, Andy Blewitt, Rob Epstein, Kevin Sait, Aulden Dunipace and Stuart Walker for their support, contribution and encouragement.


‘Today gave us a glimpse of what we can achieve with new technology in the future’
Hugo Ding (7H)