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CCF Summer Camp 2022

The hottest day on record saw 16 Cadets and five Officers set off to CCF Summer Camp at Kent Army Cadet Training Centre.

On arrival we set up camp, dining in style from Army ration packs. Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Freeman and Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor Hussein (our Year 12 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers) guided Cadets to deploy for two nights in the field.

Cadets put up Bashas (Army shelters – no tents allowed), which would keep them dry during the rain on Tuesday night.

We enjoyed archery, first aid scenarios and STEM problem solving on the hottest days.

More strenuous activities resumed on Wednesday, after a dramatic thunderstorm cleared the heat, with paintball target shooting and radio communication.

After two days in the Field, we moved into barracks, where Cadets took charge of their own room cleaning, and ate in the Cookhouse.

Even after such a brief time, firm friendships were forming between our Cadets and those from Haberdashers’ Knights, and a friendly football game kicked off on Wednesday evening.

The highlights on Thursday and Friday included:

  • blank fire practice
  • house and room clearance drills
  • training from Gurkhas
  • a Q&A with Privates from the Coldstream Guards
  • Tag laser.

We rounded off with a timed orienteering competition.

Friday’s Parade gave Cadets the chance to bid a fond farewell to Capt. Gannarelli, after over seven years of Officer leadership of the large Habs’ CCF Army contingent.

We will miss his humour, skills and energy but will hopefully see him for training days.

Finally, Sqn. Ldr. Pearson awarded Cadet promotions and prizes to complete a challenging and rewarding experience. Roll on Summer Camp 2023!