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Gold Medal for Medicine

Former Habs student sets gold standard in medicine

One of our former students, Niraj Doshi (OH 2017), was the proud winner of this year’s Gold Medal for Medicine, awarded by University of London.

The prior recipient of a Habs bursary, Niraj paid tribute to his time at our Boys’ school. “Receiving a bursary during my time at Habs was life-changing,” he remarked. “Perhaps the most important benefit was seeing that the school believed in me from a young age, and were willing to help nurture my potential regardless of my family's financial ability.”

Niraj believes many of his achievements stem from the confidence he gained while studying with us, believing it demonstrates the power of investing in a student’s education. 

Niraj claimed his gold medal after taking part in a competitive ‘viva’ assessment. Competition for the gold was elite, with Niraj up against the top 1% of students from the capital’s leading medical schools, namely University College London, Imperial College London, King’s College and St George’s, University of London, along with Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The assessment itself was comprised of six scenarios, with examiners including the President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Head of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. 

While the knowledge component of the viva was challenging, perhaps the most vital skill was engaging in conversation with the examiners, while keeping calm under pressure. Far from shrinking from the task, Niraj relished the chance for spirited discussions with such eminent clinicians. 

“My foundation at Habs has helped me develop these abilities and stood me in good stead so far”, Niraj commented. “Thank you very much for all your support over the years.”

Since graduating from our Boys’ school, Niraj has attended University College London and continues to support the Habs community. In February this year, he participated as a speaker in our Visiting Speakers’ Programme, whilst also returning as a guest at our Careers in Medicine Networking Breakfast in 2022

Struck by the Royal Mint, the gold medal also came with £500 in prize money. Congratulations, Niraj. It is thoroughly well-deserved.