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Habs Extreme Visit

Senior Computing Society was so lucky to have Andy Blomely from Extreme Networks fascinate them with Ciphers, Extreme Networking and how to protect their home networks.

With the help of Darryl Rhodes, they took boys through the intricacies of protecting themselves and their families, whilst enthralling them with personal and anecdotal stories of how they have been to 27 countries in the last three months; helping Multinational Companies and Military Organisations all across the world to protect themselves through their wireless networks.

The most difficult part of the day was getting the boys to get to their next lesson by trying to answer all of their questions as they were walking out of the door.  As a result of popular demand, these two wirelessing consultants stayed behind after school to run a hands-on practical networking class to show the boys how to monitor the traffic in their homes and on their smartphones.

Habs would like to thank this company for their Extreme generosity in giving us these very expensive consultants for the day, to inspire our A Level Computer Science and Senior Computer Society as part of their ongoing partnership with the school, which we saw in their generosity with the Bloodhound project in the summer.