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Habs F1 in Schools teams watch F1 in Schools World Finals

On Monday 11 July, two F1 in Schools teams visited Silverstone to watch the F1 in Schools World Finals.

Phalgun and Krish of Team Celestial Velocity were massively excited to meet the legendary Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer of F1 who gave advice on what they need to do to become Formula 1 engineers.

The students learnt a lot from their trip to the F1 in Schools World Finals, visiting as representatives of their F1 in Schools team. They took notes to back up their research for future competitions and saw the amount of work that was put into getting to the Finals by teams representing a variety of countries, from Scotland to Vietnam. 

Team Celestial Velocity are competing in the regional finals in October and hope to progress to Nationals. You can find out more about Team Celestial Velocity on their website or their YouTube channel.