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Habs Sixth Former accepted into two prestigious US Summer Programs

Congratulations to Jatin (L6S2) who has been accepted into two highly prestigious summer programmes in the United States.

The application process for both of these programs was extremely challenging and competitive, and we congratulate Jatin for gaining admission into these programs.

The first programme, LaunchX, previously held at MIT, but virtual this year, is a five week entrepreneurship program, bringing together the ‘top aspiring high school entrepreneurs’. Being the only student selected from the UK for this programme, Jatin will be working together with a ‘highly-curated group of promising young entrepreneurs from around the globe’ and hopes to ‘learn from industry experts’, to ‘build real products’, as mentioned on the LaunchX website.

The second, Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS), held at Yale University but also virtual this summer, is a two week academic enrichment and leadership program for talented high school students from around the world. Jatin has chosen the ‘Solving Global Challenges’ session, and as stated on the YYGS website, he hopes to focus on using ‘innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches’ to ‘explore and brainstorm innovative and sustainable solutions to a wide array of contemporary social, economic, and environmental problems’.

Best of luck, Jatin!