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  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Headmaster: Gus Lock MA (Oxon)


InterHouse Art 2020

Birds and Wild Beasts! Inter House Art this year took place across the week commencing Monday 9 November. A different year group each day attended a drawing challenge in Ar5. Upon entering Ar5 you were confronted with a fantastic composition of birds and wild beasts nestled into foliage and natural forms.

The challenge was to draw a section of the stunning installation in the allocated materials. Year 10 and 11 were challenged with layering and blending colour in oil pastel. Year 9 considered textures and colour overlays suggesting form in colour pencil. Year 8 tackled tones and mark-making in biro. Last but not least, Year 7 created tonal gradients and form through pencil.

Year 10 pupils Benjy and Toby said: "Inter House art 2020 was an enjoyable experience. We had to draw with oil pastels and there was a collection of items in the centre of the table, in a natural theme, with replica of animals surrounding it. The objective was to completely fill the page with an image of any perspective of this collection within 45 minutes."


Param T (11H2) said: "Asa G and I represented Hendersons in the Year 11 Inter House Art competition. We were tasked with creating a full A4 drawing using oil pastels, which was quite the challenge. We tried different mark making and layering techniques, as well as experimenting with colour. We had lots of fun taking part and showing what Hendersons' boys can do!"

The students were given top tips and techniques to practise before their challenge took place, and they certainly used them well as there was a consistently outstanding standard of work throughout the week. It has been a joy to see the abundance of artistic talent in Habs come to life throughout the week.

The final results are as follows: 

1st place: Meadows
2nd place: Strouts
3rd place: Russells
4th place: Calverts
5th place: Hendersons
6th place: Joblings

Congratulations to all who took part! 

  Calverts Hendersons Joblings Meadows Russells Strouts
Year 7 Yuvraj A

Shuaib M
Francesco P

Zach Thomas
Sachin C

***William H
Thomas S

Chester W

Ravi K
**Murilo K

Aydin H
Year 8 ***Albie L

Mike H
Aarav G

Yuhki N
Ore A

Adhiraj R
**Saahil P

Tom F
Jeet T

Millan T
Jayden B

Eshan G
Year 9 Arjan D

Jai S
**Rafi C

Dylan L
Sam S

Darshan S
Mihir J

***Edward Q
Monty B

Zakariya U
Ibrahim B

***Vince C
Year 10 Adam T

Christopher P
Karan A

Raahan M
Yossi S

Dhilan G
Annay D

Harry B
***Toby R

**Benjy E
Josh P

Adi V
Year 11 Robin B

Zesh H
***Param T

Asa G
Umair S

Joel B
Jack S

Tyler G
Nimai J

Roshan M

**Sam W

Eden H

Bold = First Place
** = Second Place
*** = Third Place