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Mooting Club welcomes first guest speaker, Old Haberdasher Daniel Barnett

This term a group of Boys' School students in the Lower Sixth with an interest in Law have launched the Habs Mooting Club.

On Tuesday 7 December in the afternoon in the Old Refectory, the Mooting Club hosted its first guest speaker, Daniel Barnett (OH 1988 and a current parent) an Employment Lawyer who also presents the Legal Hour on LBC. To a large audience of students from the Boys' and Girls' schools, Mr Barnett spoke about his work as a barrister and how to present a case in court.

Mr Barnett explained that barristers are specialist advocates who represent people in legal matters. He talked about the differences between the work of solicitors and barristers, as well as some of the routes in a legal career for those who are interested.

He explained the difference between civil, criminal and family law and how Bar Schools have evolved in recent years. He discussed the various stage posts of a barrister's career including pupillage and tenancy. He told students that the bar is a very competitive area of work with no guarantee of employment or success.

Most barristers need to market themselves to get work. But he strongly encouraged those interested to embark on legal careers, saying there was always help to be find and that it is a very rewarding and fulfilling career for those individuals who like arguing and being challenged.

We are extremely grateful to Mr Barnett for giving so generous of his time to speak with authority and enthusiasm to our students and answering all their questions politely and with expertise. We look forward to hosting more Old Haberdashers and current parents for future speaker events.