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Pre-Prep and Prep Young Musician of the Year Results

Congratulations to all our pupils who entered and participated in the Pre-Prep Young Musician of the Year and the Prep Young Musician of the Year festivals!

For the Pre-Prep festival, it was fantastic to receive 48 brilliant entries and it truly was a task to narrow it down to the final 18 finalists. The event was hugely entertaining and heart-warming. Our Prep Festival was just as fantastic and the commitment to performance and composition shone through the 220 entries and 81 finalises that came together and provided unforgettable memories for an admiring audience.

Thank you to the brilliant adjudicators throughout the competitions: Mr Tom Taylor (Pre-Prep Finals too), Mr Matt Herd, Mrs Boyle, Miss Worn, Mr Ojo, Mrs Thomas, Mr Verma, Mr Ormston, Mr Bainbridge and Mr Osmond. Thank you to Miss Mair for her musical accompaniment in the grand finals. 

Prep Young Musician of the Year Awards

Grand Finals

First Place (joint)

Sebastian (6MN – Double Bass)
Benjamin (6MN – Cello)

Outstanding Promise

Pranay (5NB – Violin)

Audience Award

Jake Solomon (5GC – Voice)

Percussion and
Indian Music

First Place (Percussion)

Felix (3BG)

First Place (Indian Music) (joint)

Ish (6MN)
Riaan (4DS)


Outstanding Performance

Dexter (5GC)

Honesty, Vulnerability, Promise

Elijah (3NG)

Ensemble Award

Zekey (4SH), Josh (4SH) and Hiyaan (4SH)


First Place

Brandon (6RP – Violin)

Second Place

Winston (3BG – Violin)


First Place

Shay (6SA)

Second Place

Noah (5EN)

Third Place

Lucas (5NB)

Wind and Brass

First Place (Brass)

Seth (5NB – Trumpet)

First Place (Wind)

Adam (4DS – Clarinet)


First Place (joint)

Temwani (3BG)
Freddie (3TP)

Audience Award

Luca (5EN)

Pre-Prep Young Musician of the Year Awards





First Place (joint)

Luca (Year 2 - Piano)

Louis (Year 2 - Cello)

Outstanding Promise

Shivaan (Year 1 – Cello)

Audience Award

Leo S (Year 1 – Voice)


Eric (Year 2- Guitar)

Leo S (Year 1 – Voice)

Shivaan (Year 1 – Cello)

Rhys (Year 2 – Voice)

Guhan (Year 2 – Voice)

Zonghan (Year 2 – Piano)

Alex S (Year 2 – Piano)

Alexander T (Year 2 – Voice)

Femi (Year 2 – Voice)

Matan (Reception – Voice)

Jaan (Year 2 – Voice)

Coby (Year 2 – Voice – with sibling, Rafi in Year 5)

Luca (Year 2 – Piano)

Felix (Reception – Violin)

Louis (Year 2 – Cello)

Kai D (Reception – Voice)

Zac (Year 2 – Piano)

Evan (Year 2 – Piano)