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Saul asks hard questions of Microsoft VP

Habs was invited to be one of three schools in the UK to  travel (virtually) 4,769 miles to take part in Microsoft’s annual Skype-A-Thon.


Saul - Year 4

When it came I was so excited but nervous...It was an amazing experience to have.



The boys were able to demonstrate some of the work they had done using the BBC microbit to Microsoft Education VP Anthony Salcito, as well as ask him some questions about Microsoft’s PXT language to program the microbit, Microsoft’s plan for the future and what Anthony felt the future of technology is likely to look like.

Boys were invited for their achievements and contribution in physical computing, both in lesson and within co-curricular clubs, including year 4 Saul who has been demonstrating his ability in the Prep Coding Club. The boys were a credit to the school and it was a priveledge to have the opportunity to speak to Anthony, who spoke to us at 5:00am Seattle time.


Year 4, Saul, has written a short overview of his view of the day:


On Friday 25th November Mr Phillips, Director of ICT, asked me to be on the Skype video call with Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Microsoft.  Then Mr Thomas asked me to write a few questions for Anthony and then email it in. 

When it came I was so excited but nervous.  Of course I still wanted to do it.  Mr Phillips introduced me, which alerted me that it was my turn.  I asked him, “What’s the most important thing about Microsoft?”.  He replied, “Probably working with all the people."  

It was an amazing experience to have.”