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SCS Recycling Group Plans for a Greener 2022

This term, the School Community Service (SCS) recycling group have been busy planning and setting up plastics recycling for 2022.

The Year 11 students recycle the school's paper on Friday afternoons then come back to the Design and Technology department to plan the reduction and responsible disposal of plastic in the school. 








Their long-term goal is to reduce the amount of plastic the school brings into the site by stopping the use of plastic milk bottles, single use plastics such as water bottles and pudding containers.








The group will educate pupils to refuse single use plastic, reduce their consumption and recycle plastic correctly by presenting in a Lower School Assembly in January 2022. Hopefully, in the future, the 85 Habs bins will be replaced with modern recycling bins so that 100s of kilos of plastic waste doesn't end up in landfill. 

Until then, a shredder is being built, and in 2022, our micro-recycling centre will be up and running. The SCS recycling group will turn the school's waste plastic into useful products that can be sold to highlight how precious a resource plastic is!