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Students participate in Durham University Senior Debating Competition

Over the weekend (Sat 26 to Sun 27), 16 students from Year 10 to Year 12 represented the school at the prestigious Durham University Senior Debating Competition. The teams were:

  1. Keshav and Francisco HABS KKFC
  2. Alex and Fola HABS ALFO
  3. James and Shivam HABS JCSP
  4. Rajarshi and William HABS RMWM
  5. Anant and Zuhair HABS APZH
  6. Oscar and Zakariya HABS OCZT
  7. Zakariya U and Mofe HABS ZUMA
  8. Yonal and Dhilan HABS YPDM

All teams did very well in the preliminary debates, with each one managing a win, and grappling with some tough motions. The 5th motion of the day read: “In a post-pandemic world, THP a world where individuals exclusively work from home rather than exclusively work in person” a motion with plenty to say on both sides.

With some stiff opposition, it was fantastic to see two of our teams manage to break to the quarterfinals. A massive congratulations to Keshav & Francisco and Alex & Fola. Well done on Alex & Fola who then managed to make it through to the competition’s Grand Final, meaning that they took part in eight gruelling debates over two days; and what a final it was! It was never going to be easy winning, “THW prefer a religion which preaches that one's fate in the material world is predetermined rather than one which preaches that choices influence it” from CG but their extension of a belief in predeterminism giving rise to more empathy and understanding for those who are often most marginalised was really strong and they were worthy runners up.

A big congratulations to everyone who took part.