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Virtually Collaborating

This afternoon 3 boys at a time were Virtually Collaborating with 2 engineers on constructing a jet engine in Future Visual’s VisonXr VR anywhere in any platform environment.

Have a look at the link and pictures below to see what they were doing. The Boys clearly enjoyed working with industry professionals and are looking forward to future sessions to learn how to code virtual environments using Unity and Unreal engine.

Boys and staff from the Boys and girls school were helping Tim Fleming Future Visual’s and Nathan Gaydhani from System Active to understand how this the VisonXR platform could be developed for use in schools. Boys were vocal about the content that they would want to help them learn and how they could get involved to help create it.

All agreed the potential for VR and AR to support meaningful and authentic learning is enormous.

"What a great experience to collaborate in VR, the program we were using, VisionXR that allowed us to build and simulate a rocket engine, a process that costs millions of pounds to do in real life, but with this program, this saves billions of pounds and allows more people to learn engineering and speed up the creation of planes by years. Seeing the work of the leaders of this industry inspires me to be the one to make rather than just use ready-made software."
Adam, Year 10


"Future vision's new breakthrough in virtual reality was truly inspiring. To be able to join no matter where you were in the world, on any device you wanted, was truly special. I believe this revelation will revolutionise schools and save them money. I think that in under a decade, this could be changing the world. What an honour!"
Daniel,Year 7