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Year 9 Art Graphics trip

On Monday 4 October, Year Nine graphic art students went on a trip to East London. We split into two groups, each with excellent tour guides who took us on a walk around the neighbourhood to see street art, including work from notable artists, such as Banksy and Invader.

We learned about the story of the artists and also the story behind the pieces of art. Among other notable artworks, we saw the largest piece of street art in London, which stretches around a building between King John Court and New Inn Yard, and is made of many different images and styles from over a dozen artists’ collaboration. Another interesting piece was a portrait on Whitby Street of a woman made out of small dots of colour to make patterns, similar to pixels.

After walking the streets of London, we made some art of our own. We went to an indoor spray-painting workshop where we designed our own stencils by drawing our design on paper and cutting out the shapes.

Once we all finished, we were taught how to spray properly using stencils. We then had a chance to apply our knowledge and spray on the wall. The students produced many amazing pieces of art, including a bird, a silhouette of a cricket player in action and a fish. We also used the same stencils to create an A4 piece of work which we took home.

Report written by Meko (9H2)