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The Prep Art Department aims to develop creativity and imagination through a multitude of diverse activities.  It sets out to build upon already existing skills and thus improve control of materials, tools and techniques.  Teaching broadly follows the National Curriculum with key elements being addressed, such as, investigating and making which includes exploring and developing ideas with importance on evaluation in order to gauge ones knowledge and understanding.

The department believes the importance of investigating art, craft and design in a variety of genres, styles and traditions.   This is carried out in original and reproduction form, during visits to museums, galleries, Haberdashers' grounds and on the internet.  It sets out to explore a range of starting points for practical work for example themselves, their experience,  images, stories, drama, natural and made objects and environments.   The boys have the opportunity to work on their own and collaboratively, on projects that are two and three dimensional and different scales.  They experience a range of materials and processes, including ICT (for example, drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, printmaking, digital media, textiles and sculpture)

Some photos of work done by boys in Art, please click to open the image full size in a new window