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Computing & ICT

In an era of ever emerging technologies, ICT literacy is an essential skill to ensure that boys achieve their future aspirations, whatever they might be.  Our broad ICT curriculum encourages the boys to not only apply their understanding practically to a given task, but also to begin to evaluate the ways in which they have done so. Core Microsoft-based skills are taught from Year 1, and boys will all become proficient users of Microsoft packages as they progress through the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools. ICT lessons are taught creatively, both in and out of the classroom, and are used as a means to develop wider transferable skills through the opportunity to deliver presentations; something they will do increasingly as they get older.

Problem-solving and thinking logically are key approaches to learning which run throughout the curriculum. Using software such as Python, Scratch, Logo and Espresso, computer programming is taught in every year group, offering pupils an opportunity to transfer their understanding of algorithms to a range of block-based language. Older pupils also have the opportunity to write their own code using html, make their own animations, and design their own APPs. Collaborative sessions are run with the Girls’ School. Successful whole-school projects, such as ‘An Hour of Code’ week, encourage pupils to explore ICT further at home and share their passion with their peers.

ICT is never used purely for its own sake at Haberdashers'. Rather, it is embedded in many different aspects of the academic curriculum. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard and two laptop trolleys afford boys the flexibility to use technology throughout the school. Subscriptions to interactive programs such as Mathletics and Education City also serve to enhance, extend and support learning. The skills learnt within ICT lessons provide boys with the ability to confidently research and document their learning in a way which suits their task most appropriately.

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Coding Clubs

Haberdashers' boys thrive from overcoming challenges in their ICT work, and particularly enjoy sharing ideas to evaluate a task before considering how to complete it most efficiently. Our Digital Leaders are boys who are selected for their aptitude and enthusiasm during ICT lessons. Many of these boys attend both of the weekly Coding Clubs, which take place in our Senior School ICT suites, and assist boys from Years 3-6 with their computer programming. Those attending have the opportunity to experience new forms of practical code software which allows them to program an object to fulfil a particular task. This is something the boys will continue to develop as they make the transition into the Senior School. The boys transfer their understanding of block coding acquired in class ICT lessons to use software such as 'Microbits', a small screen with a range of LED lights which, when coded, will fulfil a variety small robot-based tasks. Although not compulsory, Coding Club boys enjoy taking their work home and completing aspects of projects in their own time.


E-Safety is an integral component of the ICT and PSHCEE curriculum in every year group. Boys are taught the importance of being safe when using a range of devices, both at home and at school, and learn how to use the internet safely and question the validity of online resources. Communication between boys, parents and the school is crucial. An open dialogue is actively encouraged to enable the boys to feel that they can share their experiences online and, importantly, not be judged for doing so. Using their knowledge of Microsoft software and E-Safety, older boys also have the opportunity to teach younger pupils about the dangers of technology and share their experiences with them. For further information please follow the links below: