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Design & Technology

Technology is making an increasing contribution to all aspects of life and as such is proving naturally fascinating to children, making a valuable contribution to their understanding of the world around them. The subject requires pupils to combine designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to improve their ability to design and assemble products. Furthermore they should be able to recognise and explore people's needs and wants to be able to develop ideas then produce products to meet those needs.

The aim of our technology teaching is to develop design and making skills, which includes planning and evaluation, to improve knowledge and understanding through a range of activities that ensure a development of ability. As the two main sections of the National Curriculum order are closely related, it is important that pupils are confident which making techniques to apply to a particular material through an understanding of its' working characteristics.

Based on the National Curriculum Requirements for Key Stages 1 and 2, the attainment targets help to ensure planned progression and the monitoring of individual pupils. Assignments are chosen in which pupils design and make products using a range of materials and components. They would cover several sub sections on knowledge and understanding within the National Curriculum. To focus on practical tasks, emphasising particular skills and knowledge encouragement is given to investigate, disassemble and evaluate simple products. Through topic planning we can ensure that technology contains cross curricular links and is not an isolated activity. Careful consideration of topic coverage within the School as a whole, allows for schemes of work within year groups and guarantees continuity of learning experiences.  Teaching methods encourage first hand experiences, discussion and application of the learning, enabling children to make sense of these situations.

Some photos of work done by boys in DT, please click to open the image full size in a new window