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English & Drama

Teachers of English have a truly fantastic job! We have the absolute pleasure of guiding young minds through the complexities of correct grammar and its application in a wide range of creative writing exercises as well as exploring the worlds of poetry and children’s literature. It is our intention to encourage pupils to appreciate that grammar and punctuation should not be viewed as English subjects on their own, but that the acquisition of grammar knowledge enhances all creative work and should be considered within all written exercises across the curriculum.
All children need to communicate orally in a way that is appropriate to the audience and the purpose. They need to develop skills to listen to and respond to literature, to debates, to reason and to give advice and receive instructions. Good communication skills are essential throughout life and we aim to encourage children to be confident in their oral work.
The scheme of Drama follows an eclectic mix of skills: mime, movement, debating, improvisation, devising stage fights and characterisation. Teaching Drama is rewarding when we see the emerging acting talent and the increase in the boys’ confidence as they progress through the Pre-Prep and Prep.

The Year 6 production offers the boys the opportunity to come together as a team, working towards the same goal within a very tight time schedule (6 days). It is rewarding for the boys, who have not had the opportunities to excel in sports to be given some artistic recognition and we enjoy observing how the production contributes to the overall community experience of the school.

Some photos of work done by boys in English and Drama, please click to open the image full size in a new window