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Modern Foreign Languages

All boys in Year 6 study either French, German or Spanish.

The overall aim of language teachers in the Prep school is to make language learning fun so that pupils approach the Senior School language lessons with greater enthusiasm and anticipation.

Boys are very receptive to learning a new language. They also gain a great sense of accomplishment from learning to say something in a foreign language. This nurtures their self-esteem, self-confidence and develops strong interpersonal skills.

We strongly believe that learning a foreign language can help one understand one’s own language. International studies have shown that those who learn a foreign language do better on both verbal and maths tests. Grammatical concepts in English also become clearer. It also broadens one’s horizons. Learning about festivals and traditions from countries where the language is spoken helps them appreciate other cultures.

It is important that our pupils realise that, as the world becomes more global, businesses and public organisations will need more people who can communicate in other languages.