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"What I have learnt is that somebody will always be looking out for you, no matter what."


"Haberdashers is a fun place to be because there are many clubs you can join and lots of sports to play. The atmosphere is always happy and bright and even the school lunches are alright!"


"We were playing on the grass, having a good time as a class. I felt like part of a team, as though I really belonged here."


"Haberdashers' is like a great big family. My friends are kind and the teachers are really welcoming."


"Being a Prep boy means a lot to me. The teaching is absolutely amazing although the sports we play are my favourite bit. You are learning something every second."




The Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Schools are vibrant with the energy and curiosity of over 250 pupils aged 4 to11 from a wide range of local schools and communities. They are very special places to work and play. We pride ourselves on providing an inspiring learning environment where your child will make the maximum possible progress...


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