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School Life

Ambition. Community. Courage. Curiosity.

We are eager to embed our values into every aspect of daily school life at the Preparatory School.

As a community, we are made up of over 300 pupils aged 4 to 11 across the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School with parallel classes from Reception to Year 6. Our entry points are 4+ (Reception) and 7+ (Year 3); Pre-Preparatory pupils transfer automatically into Year 3 to combine with our new 7+ intake.

Whenever our pupils join the Preparatory School, we seek to inspire and encourage curiosity. Our opportunities for learning are broad and exciting, extending beyond the classroom with our fantastic Forest School, Outdoor Classroom and co-curricular provision. As a school, we believe in educating our pupils inside and outside the classroom.

We welcome parents to support our curriculum and trips, as well as offering parent consultation evenings and drop-in sessions. We also have curriculum evenings for parents to learn about our approach to certain subject areas.

At Habs, we want our pupils to have the courage to try something new and with the extensive co-curricular provision on offer, they will continue to develop skills but also to experience new interests and find new passions.

Ambition can be experienced in every element of the school. From our newly built Pre-Preparatory School which will bring our Reception to Year 2 pupils onto the Elstree site to the ambition that can be witnessed within our pupils as they aspire to grow – whether it be with getting a better time in our annual Donkin Cup or earning themselves a place in a National Final.