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Prep and Pre-Prep Catering

At the Prep and Pre-Prep we believe that it is important that the boys eat well to ensure that they have the energy for learning and having fun.

At the Pre-Prep, boys are provided with a hot lunch every day. Delicious, nutritionally balanced dishes, individually prepared and cooked to perfection are offered on the School premises. The cost of lunch is included in the school fees (Pre-Prep only). The menu allows a choice to be made each day and fresh fruit, yogurts and hot puddings are offered for dessert. Care is taken to cater for those with special dietary requirements.

At the Prep School, boys can bring in packed lunches if they desire but the School provides an extremely broad variety of nutritious, hot and cold tasty food. The boys are spoilt for choice and teachers support and guide the boys in making sensible food choices in line with the School's health eating ethos. For more information click on the menus below.

Pre-Prep Menu