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Governors and Staff

The Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of representatives of The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, the world of education, the catchment area of the schools and former pupils. The Chairman of the Aske Board is Mr Simon Cartmell, OBE. Mr Cartmell can be contacted at the address of our trustees, The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers:

Haberdashers' Hall
18 West Smithfield
020 7246 9988


GSAG: Girls’ School Advisory Group

BSAG: Boys’ School Advisory Group

F: Finance Committee

E&I: Estates and Infrastructure Committee

TL&C: Teaching Learning and Collaboration Committee

HR: Human Resources Committee

R: Remuneration Committee

IT: IT and Digital Committee

R&C: Risk and Compliance Committee

S: Strategy

The Governors

Clerk to the Governors: Mr C M Bremner

Senior Leadership Team
Headmaster Mr A R Lock, MA, University of Oxford, Exeter College 
Senior Deputy Head Mr N P Hamshaw, MMath, University of Oxford, Exeter College
Head of Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory Schools Mr M E Rossetti, MA, University of Oxford, Balliol College
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr R D Sykes, BA, University of Manchester
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mr R Amlot, MA, University of Oxford, Mansfield College
Director of Admissions and Marketing Mrs K R Pollock, MA, University of Edinburgh
Director of Co-Curricular Mr A J Simm, BA, University of Durham
Chief Operating Officer Mr D S Thompson, BA, University of Manchester


Extended Leadership Group
Head of Lower School Mr T B Hardman, BEd, University of London, Goldsmith's College
Head of Middle School Mr A M Lawrence, MA, University of Buckingham
Director of Sixth Form Mr I Wheeler, BA (Hons), University of Bristol
Director of Teaching Mr J Bown, BA, University of Nottingham
Director of Partnerships Mr J Plotkin, MA, University of Oxford
Director of ICT Mr I R Phillips, BSc (Hons), University of Portsmouth
Director of Operations Mr M Lewis MBE, BEng (Hons), University of Southampton
Director of Finance and Resources Mrs N Leon, BSc, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Director of Foundation Mr R de H Llewellyn, MA, University of  Cambridge, St John's College
Director of Development Mr B Friar, MS, Columbia University, NY


Heads of House
Calverts Mr P Bartlett, MA, Institute of Education, University of London
Hendersons Mr T Jones, BSc, University of Manchester
Joblings Dr G Chapman, PhD, University of Nottingham
Meadows Mr D Taberner, MSc, University of Oxford
Russells Mr M Broadwith, MSc, University of Oxford
Strouts Mr A Metcalfe, BSc, University of Loughborough

In the following Academic department lists, the first named member of staff is the corresponding Head of Department.

Academic Support

Mrs F McEwan-Cox, MEd (Cantab), Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements
Mrs M Kahn, BSC, Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment & Access Arrangements
Mrs D Bardou, BA
Mrs T Grossman, BEd


Mrs K Weber, BA (Hons)
Miss K Barron, BA (Hons)
Mrs K Nicholson, MA


Mr C Glanville, BSc
Mr S Coleman, BSc
Mrs M Jones, BEd
Mr A Lynch, BSc (Hons)
Mrs K Morriss, BSc (Hons)
Mrs R Oatridge, BSc
Dr R Randall, PhD
Mrs S Shiradski, PGDip (Ed)
Mrs D Vekaria, BSc
Mr B Ward, BSc


Dr G Hobbs, PhD
Dr A Chapman, PhD
Dr G Chapman, PhD
Dr B Chaudhry, PhD
Dr A Citron, PhD
Mrs H Dawda, HND
Dr S Krishnadasan, PhD
Mrs S Patel, BSc
Dr A Perera, PhD
Miss A Pindoria, BSc
Mr C Whalley, BSc


Dr C Joyce , PhD
Mr A Gray, MPhil
Ms M Pfeffer, BA (Hons)

Computing and ICT

Mr I Phillips, BSc (Hons)
Ms D Blyth, BA (Hons)
Mr D Franks, MSci (Hons)


Mr S Vincent, MA
Mr G Cox, City and Guilds (Aero 3)
Mr T Hardman, BEd
Mr W Hughes-Caley, BSc (Hons)
Mr P Roncarati, MSc
Mr S Ryan, BEd


Mrs J Wolfson, BSc (Econ) (Hons)
Mr P Bartlett, MA
Mr G Hall, BSc
Mrs G Lyons, BSc (Econ and Econometrics)
Mr C Raatz, MSc
Mrs M Zahid, MA

English and Drama

Mr I Wheeler, BA (Hons)
Mr R Amlot, MA
Mr J Dunne, MA
Mr C Bass, BA (Hons)
Mr W Brotherston, BA (Hons)
Mr D Hall, BA
Miss L Hooker, BA
Mr T Lunn, MA
Mrs C Lyons, MA
Mrs F McEwan-Cox, MEd
Mrs D Morris-Wolffe, BA (Hons)
Ms E Nairne, BA (Hons)
Mr A Pearson, MA
Mr J Plotkin, MA
Mrs K Pollock, MA
Mr R Weinman, BA
Ms C Leaver, MA
Mr M Pedroz, BA (Hons)


Dr J Alvarez, PhD,CPhys, FInstP


Mrs A Thakar, BSc (Hons)


Mrs S Edwards, BSc (Hons)
Mr J Bown, BA
Mrs M Carrick, BA
Mr R Cooper, BA
Mrs N Fielden, BSc
Mr D Taberner, MSc


Mr S Clark, BA (Hons)
Mr N Saddington, BA
Mrs D Bardou, BA
Mr G Lock, MA (Oxon)
Mr A McLarin, MA
Dr I StJohn, DPhil
Mrs C Turbett, BA
Mr T Handley, MA (Cantab)
Mr A Simm, BA (Hons)


Mr A Ward, BSc (Hons)
Mrs A Baron, BSc
Miss S Biggerstaff, BSc
Mr J Boorman, BA (Hons)
Mr M Broadwith, MMath
Mrs M Brock, BSc
Mr B Brown, MA
Miss R Farhan, BSc
Mr J Hails, BSc (Hons)
Mrs B Haria, BSc (Hons)
Mr S Haring, MA
Miss K Harrison, BSc (Mathematics)
Mrs N Harte, BSc
Mr T Jones, BSc
Mr N Jovanovic, BSc Mech Eng
Mr A Lee, BSc
Mr R Mehta, MSc
Mr R Oldfield, BSc
Mrs A Thakar, BSc (Hons)
Miss C Willows, BEd

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr R Thompson, BA (Hons), (Head of Modern Languages)
Ms K Adams, MA, (Head of Spanish)
Mr M Bardou, BA (Hons), (Head of French)
Mr H Akhtar, BA
Ms V Dall'Acqua, MA
Miss A Drake, BA (Hons)
Mr N Geering, MA
Mrs E Gomez, BA
Ms S Hanlon, MA
Mrs D Miller-Smith, BA (Hons)
Miss L von Truchsess, BA (Hons)
Mr R Walters, BA (Hons)


Mr R Osmond, MA
Mrs D O'Hare, BA (Hons)
Mr C Redfern, BA (Hons)
Mr A Simm, BA

Music - Instrument

Mr P Bainbridge, ARCM (Trumpet)
Mr D Bentley, GGSM (French Horn/Brass)
Mr S Byron, BMus (Hons)
Mr R Carter, FRCO (CHM) (Pianoforte and Organ)
Miss U Galuszka, MMus (Guitar)
Mr L Gee, BA (Hons) Hon RBC
Dr O Gledhill, PhD (Cello)
Mrs R Heathcote, BMus (Oboe)
Mr M Herd, MMus (RAM)
Mr H Legge, LRAM (Bassoon)
Miss C Maguire, LRAM (Double Bass)
Miss I Mair, MMus, GRSM (Hons), LRAM, ARCM
Mr J Ormston, MA (Percussion)
Miss M Parrington, ARCM (Violin)
Mr T Taylor, MMus (Pianoforte)
Miss P Worn, LRAM (Viola), ABRSM, ALCM

PE and Sports Science

Mr R McIntosh, MEd
Miss K Brandon, BSc
Mr D Cooper, BA
Mr M Griffin, MSc
Mr D Lawrence, BA (Hons)
Mr A Metcalfe, BSc
Mr D Kerry, BSc
Mr M Anderson, MSc


Mr R Kerr, BSc
Mr R Cachuela, BSc
Dr G Elias, MBBS
Dr C Gannarelli, PhD
Ms R James, MSci
Mr R Kingdon, MSc
Mr J Knight, BSc
Mr E Pauletto, BSc
Mr J Smith, MEng
Miss S Sumner, BSc
Mr J Teague, MEng


Mr S Clark, BA (Hons)
Mr T Handley, MA (Cantab)
Mr A Simm, BA (Hons)

Theology and Philosophy

Mr R Davis, MA
Mr A Lawrence, MA
Rev M Brandon, MTh
Mr N Raven, MTh
Mr K Watson, MA

Key Support Staff

Mrs Claire Russell - PA to the Headmaster
Mrs Zoe Brownsell - PA to the Senior Deputy Head
Mrs Caroline Pluck - PA to the Chief Operating Officer
Mrs Susanna Muller - PA to the Deputy Head (Pastoral) 
Mrs Wendy Hunt - PA to the Deputy Head (Academic) 

Reverend M E Brandon - Chaplain 

Mr Ben Taylor - Head of Human Resources
Mrs Maria Brooks - Head of Finance 
Mr Dave Ewart - Head of Safety and Compliance
Mr Jesal Suchak - Marketing and Communications Manager
Mrs Sarah Goldberg - Admissions Registrar
Mr Jamie Ypey - Facilities and Commercial Manager 
Mr James Carville - Sports and Facilities Manager
Mr Richard Tansey - Senior Caretaker
Mr John Lewis - Grounds Manager (Sports)
Ms Emma Summers - Transport Manager
Mrs Sonia Vithlani - School Office Manager
Mr Nigel Woodall - CCF Contingent Commander