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  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Headmaster: Gus Lock MA (Oxon)
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Careers & Work Experience

Careers and Work Experience

The School places great value on an education which prepares students for the challenges of their future lives. It recognises that in a world of rapidly changing opportunities, students need to be able to identify their unique abilities and qualities. We aim to provide students with an environment in which they are able to make informed choices and manage their aspirations with confidence.

Key Skills and PSHCEE

The Careers programme begins in Year 7 and is delivered through the Key Skills programme and then through PSHCEE. Students are introduced to topics such as innovation and enterprise, identifying skills, and changes in the world of work. In Year 9, students all work through Fast Tomato, an online programme which encourages them to think about their skills and interests and provides information on entry requirements and routes to a range of careers. More information on Fast Tomato can be found here.