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Computing & ICT

The School places great emphasis on the creative use of technology across the curriculum to support student centred problem-based learning. The Computing and ICT Department is equipped with an extensive network of computers, in large purpose-built classrooms and augmented with laptop trollies for student use throughout the School.

A full range of industry-standard software and the internet are available for use by all staff and boys. All learning resources are available from both home and school through the school’s well-developed platform for accessing files and sharing information. All boys in Years 7, 8 and 9 develop the skills required to make the most of our curriculum and to enhance their creativity. In addition, subject departments develop skills using technology through a range of activities including film making, music composition, language learning, analysis of sport skills and game strategy, using mathematical packages and modelling with spreadsheets, internet research, modelling using Computer Aided Design and graphics; creating websites, surveys and using a variety of presentation tools.

Have a look at our  independent learning project where we launched the micro:bit to year 7 in June 2016 with great success and the school's involvement was written up by Kings College London as part of Microsoft research.  See below for more detail.

In Year 10, boys may choose to study Computer Science as one of their GCSE options. In the Sixth Form, the department offers advanced level Computer Science and a variety of general studies options for making sense of Big Data, making films for YouTube, advertising, stop motion animation, game making, creating original music videos and documentary making.

Boys are encouraged to use the computers in their own time during the day, before and after school. Sixth Form boys are also able to use all the computing facilities during their private study periods.

Below are examples of boys working during computing lessons:

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School developed a “secret agent mission” for the BBC micro:bit initiative - a pocket-sized computer pupils can code, customise and control to solve their everyday problems, bringing their digital ideas, games and apps to life. This student-centred activity was designed to develop their ability to tackle difficult challenges and understand the potential of the device in an open-ended learning situation supported by our industry partners.

The resources are available here on the CAS website

BBC micro:bit Spy Mission

Making two micro:bits talk via radio

Click on the image to see one write up of the project in D&T practice.

The programme is part of a school-wide drive to pioneer ‘Computational Thinking’ as a key learning strategy for both staff and students. “Although derived from the technology sector, Computational Thinking is essentially about breaking down complex problems and focusing on the core skills needed to design and implement successful, empathetic solutions,” says Ian Phillips, Head of ICT. “We are innovating systems, inspired by our working relationships with Google, Microsoft and Intel, to ensure our boys have the skills they need to be the global citizens who will help solve international challenges such as cancer and world famine”.

This approach, and its cross-curricular implementation across the whole school, will be the subject of a year-long conversation to understand how it can benefit our boys whilst extending the conversation at the ISC Digital Strategy Group Conference and the Dubai Education Summit.  Through sharing the concepts and approaches developed at our school with other schools we hope to be able to continue to provide the best educational experiences possible for our boys.