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Economics is a social science that approaches the study of choice, living standards and resource allocation in an analytical way. The subject, only available in the Sixth Form, is a popular choice which allows the boys to understand micro- and macroeconomic issues and to evaluate Government policy using the ‘economist’s tool kit’.

“The study of mankind in the ordinary business of life” – Alfred Marshall

The department follows the OCR specification. In the Lower Sixth year, students study the Market System, Market Failure and the National Economy and take the AS exams in May. During the second year of the A- level, in Year 13, all boys study Business Economics and the Labour Market, and extend their macroeconomic knowledge to understand issues in the Global Economy. The department also contributes to the enhancement programme by providing weakly lessons which aim to prepare students for applications to Oxford, Cambridge and many more leading institutions.

We pride ourselves on the abundance of opportunities we provide for the boys to engage with Economics outside of the classroom. These include:

  • Economics Society - A regular meeting run by the boys to debate and further explore topical issues.
  • Economics Day – An annual event featuring prominent speakers from the business, higher education and policy making community.
  • Economics Book Cub – A weekly group that reads and reflects upon the latest Economics books.
  • Equilibrium – The Department’s own Economics journal, written by students and published twice a year.
  • Target 2.0 – this allows boys to take on the role of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and present their ideas to judges from the Bank in competition with other schools.
  • Habs Den – a competition that involves the boys using their business acumen to try and maximise profits from an initial lump sum investment, all in the interests of the school charity.
  • Student Investor – Groups of four from Year 9 upwards use an imaginary £100,000 to invest in financial assets of their choice.  They learn about the ups and down of the markets whilst competing against their peers and many other students nationally.
  • External Events – Opportunities to learn more about Economics outside school are regularly publicised.  In 2016, boys attended conferences at SOAS and the University of Cambridge.