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Individual Needs

We aim to challenge bright boys to achieve the highest standards within a community of mutually shared values.

We aim to achieve this through partnership with parents so that their sons will move into adulthood equipped with the skills needed to help them fulfil their potential.

We aim to respond positively to the gifts and needs of all our pupils.

We recognise that some boys may be affected by circumstances which impinge upon their educational progress. It is the responsibility of each teacher to be sympathetic to the special needs of each student, whether they are general or specific learning difficulties, physical and sensory impairments or emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We aim to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all boys are included in school life.

The Academic Support Team

This is composed of the Head of Academic Support, with overall responsibility for Individual Needs, the Prep School Individual Needs Co-ordinator, Specialist Teacher and (Senior School), Individual Needs Teachers (Senior & Prep School), Head of the Preparatory School; Prep School Deputy Head (Pastoral),the Heads of the Junior, Middle Schools and Sixth Form; Junior, Middle School and Sixth Form Senior Tutors; the Head of PHSE; the Deputy Housemasters/Mistresses; Academic Departmental Personalised Learning Co-ordinators. In addition, the Team benefits from the services of a visiting educational psychologist, the school counsellor, the school nurse and the school chaplain. The whole Team meets once a term, working in close, on-going collaboration with the Housemasters, Heads of Departments, the Head of Careers, House Tutors and subject teachers. The Team provides information, support and strategies to enable staff to work confidently with pupils.