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At Habs we firmly believe that all boys should have the opportunity to find their niche outside the classroom. To have the chance to taste success, to work as part of a team and the opportunity to develop skills beyond the classroom.

We are a school that understands the importance of giving all boys a chance to find their passions and a platform to show case their abilities. The huge range of sports clubs and societies ensure that there is something for everyone at Habs. If that something does not exist, then we create it!

A quality programme can only be built from one that is inclusive, with a sporting programme that offers up to 6 teams per sport at a senior level, to a music department that embraces ensemble music from the first few notes on a musical instrument all the way through to our diploma level students.

Our sporting programme offers a variety of sports like climbing, golf and kayaking alongside the more mainstream sports of football, rugby and cricket.

Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Outdoor Leadership (OL) programmes gives the boys opportunities to learn key and unique skills to work as part of a team and give our senior boys the chance to lead. Sailing, shooting, and flying are just some of the experiences our boys will have during their time in CCF with many boys completing their Duke of Edinburgh award alongside these weekly CCF lessons.

Our School and Community Service (SCS) programme offers an alternative to CCF and OL, allowing the boys to give something back to the community. By working with local organisations, the boys can add value and help some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Our school Big Band has won against University competition whilst our school productions are more akin to something you would see in the West End.

With over 200 trips and excursions over the school year the boys have plenty of opportunity to visit new countries and embrace new cultures. There are no shortage of opportunities for our boys to engage and enjoy potentially life changing experiences with their peers.

If boys at Habs have a passion, there will be a forum for them to explore it!


Please contact Mr A Simm, Director of Co-Curricular ( or Mrs J Adams, PA to the Director of Co-Curricular ( for further information.