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Speaker Programme

Speaker Programme

Staff at Habs often hold talks to audiences other than their classes, a full list of available talks and their intended audiences can be found here:

List of potential speakers

Name Topic Audience
Green, Jonas Ancient Philosophy Senior School
Green, Jonas Ethics Senior School
Green, Jonas Epistemology Senior School
Geering, Nicholas Writing and literacy in the Roman Empire. In a brief talk Nick Geering provides an overview of writing in Roman times, concentrating on the development of books in late antiquity. There will be an opportunity to view and handle a number of his own reproductions of books from the first to the fourth centuries, as well as trying out different kinds of written communication.


Prep school children

Geering, Nicholas Is that meant to be funny? The Humour of Moliere. This talk provides a chance to explore, with some examples, the humour of Moliere. Nick will use some examples from the French master dramatist’s best-known works, but will concentrate on the Comedy-ballets, some of the rarer of his plays. Sixth Form Adult
Geering, Nicholas Coptic bookbinding. In this workshop, Nick will teach you how to make a book using Coptic stitch binding- and ancient bookbinding technique. In this way you will be able to manufacture your own sketchbooks.) Teenage Adult especially art students
Harte, Nina Hands on Maths Class Year 5 and year 6
Clark, Stephen What is Democracy and why it matters A Primary School or Key Stage 3 audience.
Clark, Stephen Brexit: What will Brexit mean? What are the arguments for and against? Key Stage 4, Sixth Form or Adult Audience
Clark, Stephen William Pitt the Younger. The greatest British Prime Minister? Sixth Form or Adult Audience
St John, Ian Murder in Radlett 1823 In this illustrated talk, Dr St John traces the background, events, and investigation of one of the most notorious murders in British history Senior School; Adult Audience
Maguire, John An Introduction to Geology Prep and Senior School
Maguire, John Fossils: What they are and what they tell us (Palaeontology) Prep School
Maguire, John Introduction to Geology Adult
Maguire, John Use of colour within a school environment Senior School
Maguire, John Use of colour in environments to stimulate moods Adult