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  • Nurturing Excellence
  • Headmaster: Gus Lock MA (Oxon)



The House system lies at the heart of pastoral life at Habs. Every boy is placed in one of the six Houses, becoming and remaining a member throughout and beyond his time at the School. Every member of staff is assigned to a House ensuring Housemasters are working with small teams of Tutors. Each of our six Houses - Calverts, Hendersons, Joblings, Meadows, Russells and Strouts - is named after the original Housemaster. Grandsons, sons and brothers succeed one another into the same House, a tradition which inspires a keen sense of loyalty. Whilst every House celebrates its own unique brand, pastoral care of the individual student is a universal priority.

The system provides vertical continuity, as Housemasters, Deputy Housemasters and Form Tutors build a relationship with each boy which begins on ‘Induction Day’ before the start of Year 7 and lasts until the day a boy leaves the School, Founder’s Day. House Tutor Groups are supportive environments in which students develop friendships and learn values such as humility and integrity.