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Middle School

At the start of Year 9, we welcome a small 13+ cohort of boys from leading Preparatory Schools. During this important period of academic and personal growth, all boys are ably supported by a strong pastoral team and very capable subject teachers. Our aim is to set aspirational target grades for each boy, especially during the IGCSE/GCSE years; we also offer twice-weekly after school study support sessions for those who need a little more assistance with their preparation.

Beyond the rigorously taught academic curricula, the Middle School years are a time for developing independent learning skills, greater self-awareness, resilience and motivation. Our aim is to prepare boys for all aspects of life and therefore we place great importance on the social and emotional health and well-being of every pupil. Boys will be offered greater opportunities to develop their team-building and leadership qualities and receive support and guidance in planning for their future careers both academically and professionally. Overall, our aim is to nurture each boy as they journey onward to a fulfilled life.