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School Library

The newly refurbished Senior School Library has seating for 174 students, 29 computers, 30 laptops and 42 individual study spaces. The Head of Libraries and Archive is assisted by a full-time librarian, two part-time library assistants, and a part-time School Archivist, and is well placed in the centre of the School as the place for serious study, research, reading and learning. It supports the whole School ethos of scholarship with curriculum specific stock, but also a huge range of resources which are intended to ‘open minds’.  The space is well used by boys and staff from 8:00am in the morning until we close at 5.15pm. 

Our extensive fiction collection supports reading for pleasure and English Literature studies, and numbers 18,000 plus items of fiction, non-fiction, and DVDs.  We extend this in-house service with a subscription to the London Library so that we can borrow titles from them, and extend our researching aims by subscriptions to a number of databases.   We also have a collection of about 60 academic journal subscriptions, most of which are searchable as databases.   These resources, and help from the Library staff, assist our students, and teaching staff with their research needs and reading for pleasure.

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