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Bad weather advice

In the event of bad weather, the schools will remain open whenever possible and parents are asked to make every endeavour to get their sons to School each day. Coach drivers are urged to make every effort to reach the schools, trying alternative routes where necessary.  However, if the schools have to close, parents should be aware of the following:

School Closure Announcements

Messages will be placed on the schools’ websites as soon as a decision to close is taken.  Please check the website regularly in the event of bad weather. Do not telephone the schools as we must keep the lines clear for urgent messages from the coach stewards.  The default setting unless shown otherwise on the school website is that the school is open.

Coach Stop protocol: Outward

Boys and girls should wait for 30 minutes after the usual departure time of their coach before returning home; before doing so, however, one of the passengers at the stop should contact the coach operator (telephone number on the reverse of the coach ticket) to establish the whereabouts of the coach and confirm no alternate arrangements are in place.  Parents will need to make arrangements for looking after their boys should this happen.

Coach Stop protocol: Return

Parents are requested to advise their children of a contact number to call and the means to make the call, if the coach drivers cannot reach the school and must return passengers to their coach stop. The coach stewards (or in their absence, school prefects), and members of staff who travel on the coach will be responsible for seeing that everyone can get home, and that younger children are accompanied by someone going in their direction whenever possible  Try to ensure that younger pupils have access to their homes, or suitable alternatives.

General Advice

Pupils should wear sensible boots and plenty of warm clothes.  Please do not let your son or daughter set out inadequately or unsuitably clad.  They should have a spare pair of socks and shoes in school during a period of bad weather.