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Code of Ethics



Fundraising professionals have a ‘triple agent’ responsibility to donors, to the employer, and to the cause. Hence we must be guided by our mission, our sense of personal integrity, and our relationships with our donors. At the heart of fundraising ethics lies the need to ensure that the trust of the donor is not violated, which requires openness, transparency and respect. The following code is designed to this end.

A. Donor’s Rights

  1. All fundraising solicitations by or on behalf of the School and its Foundation will disclose the School’s name and the purpose for which the funds are requested. Printed solicitations (however transmitted) will also include its address or other contact information.
  2. Donors and prospective donors are entitled to the following, promptly upon request:
    • the most recent financial statements;
    • confirmation of the charitable status of The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and its Foundation;
    • a copy of this ethics code.
  3. Donors and prospective donors are entitled to know, upon request, whether an individual soliciting funds on behalf of the School and its Foundation is a volunteer, an employee or a hired solicitor.
  4. Donors will be encouraged to seek independent advice if the School or its Foundation has any reason to believe that a proposed gift might significantly affect the donor’s financial position, taxable income, or relationship with other family members.
  5. The privacy of donors, including requests to remain anonymous, will be respected. Any donor records that are maintained by the School and its Foundation will be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible. Donors have the right to see their own donor record, and to challenge its accuracy.
  6. Donors and prospective donors will be treated with respect. Every effort will be made to honour their requests to:
    • limit the frequency of solicitations;
    • not to be solicited by telephone or other technology;
    • receive printed material concerning the School.
  7. The School will respond promptly to a complaint by a donor or prospective donor about any matter that is addressed in this ethics policy. A designated member of the External Relations office or volunteer will attempt to satisfy the complainant’s concerns. 

B. Fundraising Practices

  1. Fundraising solicitations on behalf of The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and its Foundation will:
    • be truthful;
    • accurately describe the School’s activities and the intended use of donated funds; and
    • respect the dignity and privacy of those who benefit from the School’s activities.
  2. Volunteers, employees and hired solicitors who solicit or receive funds on behalf of the School shall:
    • adhere to the provisions of this code;
    • act with fairness, integrity, and in accordance with all applicable laws;
    • adhere to the provisions of applicable professional codes of ethics, standards of practice, etc.
    • cease solicitation of a prospective donor who identifies solicitation as harassment or undue pressure;
    • disclose immediately to the School any actual or apparent conflict of interest; and
    • not accept donations for purposes that are inconsistent with the School’s objects or mission.
  3. Paid fundraisers, whether staff or consultants, will be compensated by a salary, retainer or fee, and will not be paid finders’ fees, commissions or other payments based on either the number of gifts received or the value of funds raised. Compensation policies for fundraisers, including performance-based compensation practices (such as salary increases or bonuses) will be consistent with the School's policies and practices that apply to non-fundraising personnel.
  4. The School will not sell its donor list.
  5. The Headmaster will be informed at least annually of the number, type and disposition of complaints received from donors or prospective donors about matters that are addressed in this code.

C. Financial Accountability

  1. The financial affairs of the The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and its Foundation will be conducted in a responsible manner, consistent with the ethical obligations of stewardship and the legal requirements of national regulators.
  2. All donations will be used to support the mission of The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, except in those occasions when donations are specified for the benefit of the The Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls or for both schools.
  3. All donations to The Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School will be considered to be donations to the The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Foundation.
  4. The full value of the gift received from the donor will be transferred to the Foundation, plus any supplementary funds accruing (gift aid, etc).  Bank charges and other costs associated with processing and administering donations/gifts to the Foundation (ie. IATS charges of 3% per transaction) will be paid by the school.  The total of these charges to be presented to Trustees for agreement at the end of the financial year.  
  5. All restricted or designated donations will be used for the purposes for which they are given. If necessary due to programme or organisational changes, alternative uses will be discussed where possible with the donor or the donor’s legal designate. If the donor is deceased or legally incompetent, and the School is unable to contact a legal designate, the donation will be used in a manner that is as consistent as possible with the donor’s original intent.
  6. The cost effectiveness of the School’s fundraising programme will be reviewed regularly by the Headmaster.