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Josh Treon (14 March 2018)

Josh Treon (OH 2012) returns to Habs with his guide “The Examination Game”

Early this week, Josh Treon was welcomed back to Habs both by his former Housemaster, Mr Tom Hardman, and Ms Kirti Shah (Habs Director of Studies) to share with our current pupils his experiences of taking exams and advice as to how to achieve great results. 

Speaking to a jam-packed Old Refectory, Josh began his talk by explaining his own excellent exam results while at Habs (10 A*’s at GCSE and 4 A*s at A-level), before gaining a place at Cambridge, where he achieved a First-Class degree in Computer Science. 

Josh acknowledged that he was not the best at exams and whilst at Cambridge he had found the first two years extremely difficult - his exams scores reflecting this as he fell into the bottom segment of his entire year group. At this time Josh recognised two issues, firstly, that he was not a genius(!) and that if he did not study he would not pass his exams, but also that he found it difficult to sit down and apply himself to his studies for the necessary 6+ hours per day.

While heading into the middle of his third and final year, Josh realised that he needed to do something quickly to change this situation. He then devised a plan which enabled him to gain first class results in each of his final exams and ultimately provided him with the basis for his book, ‘The Examination Guide’.

Josh explained to our pupils how, by making some simple changes, they might revise for exams, study for a fraction of the time and `ace’ them. As he said, “Think from the perspective of the examiner, study the mark scheme and have a plan.”

A Q&A session followed the event, with many students choosing to stay after this to ask for further advice. Josh was impressed with their engagement and pleased to be able to share his experiences and advice. “I worked in an unconventional way and found I had to do very little work to get the best results, not because I was really clever, but because I knew how to work with the systems.  It’s good to be back at Habs, I’m pleased to offer my support.”

Ms Shah said “It was amazing to have over 100 students in attendance.  Josh is entrepreneurial and creative, a successful Habs boy and was able to speak to the boys at their level of his experiences and we were keen for the boys to have that opportunity”

Mr Hardman remarked “It was great to see Josh Treon back in our midst! Ms Shah had been slightly worried that the scheduled arrival of an Apache helicopter on Pitch 1 (piloted by the son-in-law of a Habs member of staff) would have an adverse effect on numbers…she needn’t have worried…the Old Refectory was packed to the rafters!!! Boys from all year groups sat on every available seat, bench and table eager to hear from Josh just how to ‘nail’ their own exams. Josh’s content and delivery was absolutely superb – a masterclass in how to keep an audience mesmerised!”

“I hear there are plans afoot for the 2012 Team Russells lads to have a get together – don’t forget to invite your dear old Housemaster……and Mrs Gomez will be coming along too!”

Sincere thanks to Josh for giving up his time to come and inspire current Habs pupils. If there are any other OH out there who could fill the Old Refectory for a half hour presentation, you’d be guaranteed a very warm welcome.

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